Masculine Clothes for Smart & Sexy Men : UNIONMADE SF,CA

by Accidental Bear

Knock knock! Hi, its me Christmas and I am right around the corner. I live above the glorious Dolores Park ( jealous much?) and I am fortunate enough to walk by UNIONMADE clothing on 493 Sanchez Street daily. I usually stop and gaze, at the amazing collection of rugged smart street wear displayed in windows, like a child blankly staring into a candy shop window , wanting everything I see. Actually 2 of everything! And of course EVERYTHING looks better with a beard!

So, if you were to have one splurge on yourself this holiday season , make it at UNIONMADE. You will be very pleased! Not to mention the hunky , ever so easy on the eyes, owner Todd Barket is usually bopping around tinkering with things. Worth the trip alone.

Feliz Navidad


493 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

Monday through Friday 12-7
Saturday 11-7
Sunday 12-6

PHONE: 415-861-3373

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