New BUTT magazine is awesome, of course

by Accidental Bear

So, magazines for me fall into several categories.  Some I flip through to see all the “pretty” people in fancy clothes , some I flip through to look at all the frickin’ amazing furniture that I can never afford, such as Dwell, which made me fall in love with Pre-homes and now I want, want WANT one! Ok, where was I …. some magazine I flip through to keep up on technology or science. But BUTT has it all for me. A light read cover to cover, interesting folks and their mundane , yet oddly intriguing stories , accompanied by naked men in some what natural poses and penis . I love penis 😉 Throughout magazine is an effortless “coolness”.

So Butt, thank you for great coffee table material and ALWAYS a conversation starter. Butt, you tingle my mind, in a good way.

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