All Eyes on : SUI GENERIS Consignment Boutique

by Accidental Bear

My gift to you this holiday season is giving you a map leading you to SUI GENERIS on Market Street in San Francisco, CA. Classic styles done with ease! The store has amazing decor ( Its what you may try to do at your own apartment but fail , but these two nail it. Bravo!). My eyes dart from the walls to the racks to the animal skin rugs , all my senses being pleased.

I had a conversation with Miguel (owner) the other day and he said “… that yes, we carry L, XL, and sometimes XXL and they always can ask for assistance.. we love to do that ” . He mentioned that since I would be representing and marketing to the Accidental bears, that SUI GENERIS has your backs ( and covers them too.)

Owners Miguel and Gabriel have spent their entire life around clothes, and they have hands-on entrepreneurial experience in retail sales and merchandising going back to 1994.

Miguel and Gabriel a graduated Industrial Engineer and a Photographer respectively, they share a passion for fashion and style and after few months of knowing each other they started buying and selling garments  in Mexico in 1994. They opened their first store in 1995, and they opened a second location in 1997, running a very successful line of clothes and a Boutique for 4 years called IRALA MODA located in Guadalajara, Mexico where they created a style of their own. Their Boutique was frequently visited for local and national friends and celebrities like Mexican top Designers Julia and Renata Franco as well as rock band members from MANA and Azul Violeta and singers likeAlejandra Guzman and Eli Guerra …they were some of the many clientele they had.

Sui GENERIS has a strong relationships with other high-end designer, fashion salesmen, clients, and consigners in downtown San Francisco’s fashionable Union Square shopping district and through these relationships they are able to continually acquire new and second-hand designer fashion and accessories that are in excellent condition.  We would like to welcome you to our Boutique!

Vintage, New & Designer Consignment Boutique

2265 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94114



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