Size Discrimination in Bear Community

by Accidental Bear

Is being seen at the gym the same as being busted at the ice cream truck in the “normal” community? I was recently at gym running on treadmill and I glanced to my right and caught eyes with a bearded heavy set man I recognize from bear dwellings here in SF. We “shamefully” shook our brief eye-lock as if busted. It put me in a whirlwind of thought. I felt as if I was a trader to the husky community. Was working out a public display that I was not ok with my size in a community that celebrates large ( big boned ) men?

A few months back I was sipping on coffee at Peets on Market street with my pal. He was excited to tell me about a BEAR hike he had went on over the weekend. (It worth mentioning my friend does go to gym and has a rocking fuzzy body and a metabolism I would kill for and always sporting about a 10 day shadow. ) After taking me through photos he captured on his iPhone the story took a turn. He said that he and a few of his pals, who all were more on the thinner side, were shunned by the group. He said they when the group paused for lunch ( beef kerky, twinkies and twizzlers oh , my) , there was the normal gay hike sites ; bad fisting jokes, sweating, gossip and the removal of t-shirts. This group wasn’t displaying  rock hard abs, but their hairy, glistening sweaty backs, ass cleavage and sexy furry bellies which in BEAR community increases your status  . My  bear loving friends ate their packed lunches separated from the group. I don’t know the sweaty details of the group dynamics. Maybe one of the “thinnies” was wearing offensive god awful cologne and covering up his man musk ( blasphemy) . Anyhow, it got me thinking.

So CAZWELL I guess I WILL see you at the ice cream truck!

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4 Comments to “Size Discrimination in Bear Community”

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with big men going to the gym as long as they are just trying to stay healthy and not on some crazy pursuit to becoming “a skinny-bitch,” to borrow comedian Monique’s saying. Also, a little cologne doesn’t hurt anyone. I like my men big, but they need to smell good, too.

  2. Smell is crazy important in the Gay community and I see it boiling down to an individual thing that I can never predict. Must guys I know LOVE man “stink” ( no deodorant no cologne) .I think a whole future blog will be on this subject, Hell I think a book could be written 🙂

  3. Mike, it’s possible you might have an interest in a recent piece by Greta Christina, Caught Between Fat and Thin: The Pounds Come Off, But the Label Stays

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