Bob Mould: “Bitches Still Love You!”

by Accidental Bear

Last night Bob gave us a stadium size performance in a quaint personal setting at the Swedish Music Hall on Market Street SF, CA.

The audience  was eclectic, ranging from bears who are fans of Bobs DJing at his event BLOWOFF , old skool fans, teenies boppers, who must be the cool kids at their school today, with vintage Husker Du albums in hand to be autographed and a vocal bunch middle aged female fans who danced in the back.

As Heidi Klum says on Project Runway , “One day you’re in , the next you’re out. But you Bob, one day you’re in and the next day you’re even better. I dont want to use a stinky cheese anology about better with time , but you get it!

There was tender moment where Bob had some dialogue with his partner  who sat in the VIP balcony ,remembering the 80’s. Bob charmed us in between song with engaging banter and several referred to a the gay community and happy to be back in town after touring the Northeast. At this point  a womans voice from the back screamed, ” The bitches still love you!” Hilarious!

Bob with his guitar hanging low gave us a Jam packed set, ripping out one song after another. My only complaint was that I wanted to brush the chairs aside, and rush the stage so we could be closer.

He gleefully mentioned that he was done writing his book, a memoir of his life. I’ve had the pleasure of having coffee with Bob several times over the time he was finishing the book and can tell you that in this book contains his HEART & SOUL! He declared that the finished product is  a large book of 500 hundred pages. This will most definitely be on  my coffee table as soon as I can get my hands on a copy.

And on a gay note, can we all agree that Bobs a stud. I think Bobs been hitting the gym because for a moment I thought I was at a gun show.

4 Comments to “Bob Mould: “Bitches Still Love You!””

  1. No kidding…I never knew Bob had GUNS.

  2. 500 hundred pages? Wow. Hope it doesn’t costs…two MILLION dollars, tho’ it’d totally be worth it.

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