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November 23, 2010

All Eyes on: Jose A Guzman Colon

by Accidental Bear

Jose A Guzman Colon , Does a body good!

Frack! I need a larger coffee table, note to self. I’ve been an admirer of Jose for many years and his oozing creativity. First caught my eye performing on stage as Putanesca, a larger than life character, out shining anyone who may have the pleasure of sharing the stage. He now channels his energy behind the lens of a camera capturing the obsurd, the beautiful and sometimes the down right “dirty- wrongness” of life( FYI, I make up my own words). He’s able to capture the spirit of his subjects soul and ultra-ego and project on to paper.

So, if you are somebody on the up and up and need the world to take notice, beg , plead and bribe Jose to get in front of his lens. Jose A Guzman Colon , Does a body good! Buy his book , Glam Gender . Pray to it, sleep on it and some day YOU will be somebody too!

Jose Guzman ColonJose A   Guzman ColonJose A Guzman Colon        Jose A Guzman Colon

Glam Gender is a collaboration between photographer, Marianne Larochelle and Art Director, Jose Guzman-Colon, a.k.a. Putanesca. The two talents have teamed up on this exciting photography project that explores and confronts the traditional concept of glamour. Glam Gender is an evolving body of work featuring many of the most exciting and talented artists and performers in San Francisco. 

These musicians, dancers, singers, adult entertainers, and most prominently, drag performers have all been styled and directed by Guzman-Colon as fantastic characters and creatures in timeless vignettes for Larochelleís lens. Often in the portraits, the essence of the subject is amplified and made fantastical and at other times the subject is seen more as a blank canvas, cast for the teamís projected whimsy. At the outset of the project the two creators coined the title Glam Gender to describe both the project and it’s milieu; a melting pot of drag queens and artists. The core group of subjects includes male and female artists, some transgender, each personally involved in public representation of a rich and wide spectrum of variations and orientations of sex and sexuality.

With these fascinating subjects, Larochelle and Guzman-Colon feel it appropriate to bring to light each individuals inherent personal expression of glamour and gender. Together they break away from archaic limitations and create an exciting combination of theatre, anthropology, fashion, and portraiture. What we are left with is iconic imagery and questions about the way in which the style and genre of glamour has developed, challenging tradition and proclaiming: “Anyone and anything can be glamorous.”

Photography by Jose A Guzman-Colon. Inquire about rates at…”Lets make some magic happen in your life…Peace…J ”

November 23, 2010


by Accidental Bear

Pope Benedict has been caught with his pants down in an annual Catalonian holiday tradition — Caganers, small statues which depict celebrities and public figures defecating.

“As in previous years, the personalities with the highest media profiles are generally the best sellers. Last year, US President Barack Obama and France’s first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy were among the top stars. This year, Barcelona’s Argentine footballer Messi, who won the Golden Boot award as last season’s top scorer in Europe’s domestic leagues, is expected to be big, said Marc Alos, a member of the Alos-Pla family which produces the hand-painted figurines at its factory near Barcelona. For children, Messi, whose caganer has just been reissued, will be competing with popular television cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants, a newcomer this year. ‘Michael Jackson will be also be highly sought after this year,’ as will the pope, who visited Spain this month, said Alos. Other new figurines include the Dalai Lama, Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho and Formula One driver Fernando Alonso in his new Ferrari colours.”

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