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December 3, 2010


by Accidental Bear

BEARCUDA is taking over the world. Watch your ass ( doh!)

On the main floor they’re kicking off the music at 9pm with PAPA TONY from ZooSF. Then LIVE at 11:30pm it’s a live performance by Robot Bomb Shelter! The DJ headliner for the evening is JASON KENDIG who is a part of the DJ collective Honey Soundsystem. Jason will be spinning from 12:30am-3am.

Upstairs, the pups are taking over as Bearracuda has their first Puppy Pile! Expect lots of nuzzling, gentle barks and leg humps in the pup area. On the other side of the bar, WASTED SANTA is back and drunker than ever. Tell Santa what you want for Xmas while fending off his strong and seasoned hands.

WOW! Quite a lot of bang for your buck at Bearracuda this Saturday. It’s just $6 before 10pm and $8 after at Club 8.

December 3, 2010


by Accidental Bear

Come on designers ( in Tim Gunn voice) get it together, edit edit EDIT

December 3, 2010

All Eyes On: Matt Alber: THE RIVER 2010

by Accidental Bear

Matt Alber, sporting  and beard and looking all kinds of sexy,talks about how he met the man of his dreams. Matt is a sweetheart and from a few brief interactions with him if I were to have to chose one word to describe him, it would be tender

December 3, 2010

Seriously? Bacon Lube

by Accidental Bear

It may give a whole new meaning to ass munch!


December 3, 2010

I love a Good Mystery San Fracisco:

by Accidental Bear

Mens Experimental Concept Store

I’ve seen some buzzzz around the internet about this pop up, concsept store and I am now on full alert , CODE RED. I could’nt dig up much information but from who I know is behind this project , it’s worth keeping on your radar!

NICE_Collective___MSU (Mobile Supply Unit)
mens experimental concept store
opens 12/11/10 ___ closes 9/10/11
2111 Market Street SF, CA

December 3, 2010

Pic of Day: Redneck Realness / Hotness

by Accidental Bear

December 3, 2010

All Eyes on: Steve Taylor ( musician)

by Accidental Bear

When I describe Steve Taylors voice I find myself sounding like Im describing a really awesome cup of coffee : smooth, velvety, comforting and warm. Words seem to sound better coming out of cute men. Am I wrong? Watch out for this one, catch him if you can. Check his website for up coming shows!!!


With a sound steeped in the sunlit tones of Laurel Canyon, the mid 60’s pop and R&B of the Brill Building, and the lo-fi synths of early prog rock, Oakland resident Steve Taylor makes heartfelt soul music that pushes the envelope of the singer/songwriter genre. A multi-instrumentalist with a surprisingly diverse background, including stints in black gospel churches, avant-garde psych-rock bands, and now as the keyboardist in Brushfire Records band Rogue Wave; he layers vintage organs, pianos, analog synthesizers, and dead drums, creating a sound that’s both modern and thoroughly informed by 70’s AM rock. His new album “Has the Size of the Road Got the Better of You?” was recorded by the likes of Aaron Prellwitz (Neil Young and Crazy Horse) and Jay Pellicci (Deerhoof), both at home and at the venerable Tiny Telephone Studio in SF. The new record shows the expanded influence of gospel music, something he explored while he was a guitarist and organist (and often the only white person present) in a number of prominent African American congregations. An almost completely solo record, he also invited his friends from New York’s math rock via jazz outfit, The Benevento Russo Organ and Drums Duo to guest on the Philly soul revival track “Felicity”. Performing live around the world, including stops at The Hotel Café in LA, The Living Room in NYC, and The Hope & Anchor in London, he has shared stages with members of Wilco, Grandaddy, The Hawkins Singers, Deathcab for Cutie, The Dirty Projectors, and of course, Rogue Wave. In addition to playing in clubs, he can be seen busking up and down the West Coast. Making new fans one by one, many from around the world, he’s sold out of the first run of 1000 copies of “Has The Size of The Road Got The Better of You?”. In between tours with Rogue Wave, a new CD is being recorded, entitled “The Land of Milk and Honey”. A sparse, moody, acoustic album, it is being prepared for a summer 2010 release. He can also be found every Tuesday night (when not on tour!) at The Layover leading the Oakland Improv Collective, a group focused on fusing disparate elements such as afrobeat, progressive rock, and free jazz. An offshoot of this project with drummer Daniel Yasmin, The Way, can be seen playing at venues like Jupiter in Berkeley. (

December 3, 2010

Style Education: Bow Ties

by Accidental Bear

I all of the sudden want a bow tie!

Miguel from Sui GENERIS says:    

There are three main categories of bow ties: The pre-tied, the clip-on and the self-tie.

Pre-tied: Just as it sounds, this type of bow tie is easily accessible to all desiring to expand their fashion repertoire with just the fastening of a clip.

Clip-on: style of bow tie in which the bow is already made and is tied around the collar with a metal clip. Like the pre-tied, this style allows even the most inexperienced to dawn the bow tie.

Self-tie: Here is where the true finesse comes in. Consisting of a single strip of cloth that one must use proper technique to tie. The following two main styles provide the wearer with some options when selecting their bow tie.

  • Batwing- bow tie with cricket-bat shaped “blades.” The wing ends are either straight-end or pointed-end.

  • Hourglass/Butterfly: bow tie with thistle-shaped blades that create flared, slightly curved wings which like the batwing, are either straight or pointed.

Come visit Sui GENERIS to peruse our selection and find the style that suits what you’re looking for.

415 437 2265

2265 Market St., San Francisco, CA, 94114
Mon – Thurs: 12:00 pm 7:00 pm
Fri: 11:00 am 8:00 pm
Sat: 11:00 am 7:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am 5:00 pm


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