by Accidental Bear


When I first heard the name PIXELSTUD, it made me think of a time not so long ago when I had a crush on a certain male comic book character. I would even go as far as saying I had lust, but thats a another story, another time. I like to use provocative words like “controversial” to open up peoples curiosity. So PIXELSTUDs, name alone, stirs  my emotional pot. That is what art is all about for me, pushing buttons, making me think, gasping ( like a little teenage girl looking at freshly born puppies) and sometimes just a visual smorgasbord of  pleasing colors. Thank you PIXELSTUD for filling my tall order. I look forward to seeing what you pop out next.

On a side note, If you want to stalk PIXELSTUD, I hear he hangs out at BearBucks in the Castro,, hint hint. He’s super sweet, outrageously handsome guy!

Photo by S. Popat


Shout out to PIXELSTUD:

Photo essay page:

Fan page:

****Jayson,PIXELSTUD currently showing a large piece inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge thats part of the Arquitectura Moderna show at WonderlandSF (2929 24th ST)


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