Exactitudes (via Think Pink Radio)

by Accidental Bear

Instead of counting sheep jumping over a fence because I cannot fall asleep. I’m going to see how many me look-a-likes I can find. Its quite mesmerizing!

one me, two me three zzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Exactitudes All of these images are copyrighted by exactitudes.com. I looked around for 2 seconds and found my exactitude. I looked for quite a while to try and find some of my really good friends’ exactitudes, namely butch dykes. I finally got to the 9 photos of butches, then bears, hard femmes, banjee boys, homothugs, gay-chads, hipsters, (on and on) and this sight had me hooked and laughing. Find your exactitude and that of all your friends, and remember … Read More

via Think Pink Radio

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