All Eyes on: The Heavenly Jeb Havens

by Accidental Bear

Take a picture it last longer, I tell myself as gaze at Jeb Havens singing his heart out on stage. Like a deer in the headlights my focus is all on Jeb (blocking out the drunks elbowing me, the Beatles like screaming fans, hungry gay eyes & the entourage of cute men that come to his shows.) Enough said, before my boyfriend cuts my little head off.

There’s a sense of honesty to Jebs voice and songs. They are  goose bump causing. Early this year our community lost a dear friend to many and Jeb wrote an amazing song summarizing the the thoughts and emotions of all. ( listen to below)

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of this rare talent. It’s hard to find a genuine talented voice these days that is not all synthesized and worked over in the recording studio. Jeb will capture your heart. So, you’re welcome ahead of time from bringing him to your attention.


This Sunday Dec 19 10  02:00 PM | San Francisco, CA US

Venue: Martuni’sAddress: 4 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA, 94103-1102, US

Details: Jeb Havens, Tawnee Kendall, and Derek Schmidt return to Martuni’s Piano Bar for an encore performance of live, original music after their successful show there last month.
Show is from 2pm-3:30pm, and will feature songs by all three local singer/songwriters.
Suggested cover/tip of $3.

photo by Joe Mazza




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“No Sam”, a tribute song Jeb wrote and recorded shortly after the sudden passing of a friend. Listen here or download and share it as much as you like.


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