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December 19, 2010

All Eyes on: Flora Grubb

by Accidental Bear


Is it possible to want everything in one store? Flora Grubb would be my choice If I could play that old game show where people race through the grocery store with a shopping cart and shove as many things in as possible, and are timed. I don’t remember the name of show or point but that is  what I want to do at Flora Grubb. I’m guilty to say I recently bought a gift for someone there but kept it for myself. I CAN’T help it , they please my design aestetic to a T! ( my gay genes that is). I want the inside of my house to look like the outdoors , get it? Not in a homeless camp sort of way with pizza box mattress but the feel, of earth and life. Im at ease amongst plants. Take at trip to Flora Grubb, you will be pleased and leave with a million ideas of things you want to do with your yard and other living spaces!

Vertical Garden

Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 5:00
Sunday 10:00 – 5:00 1634 Jerrold Ave, San Francisco, CA 

415.626.7256 Contact Us We are Hiring


December 19, 2010

Man to Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence to Boy

by Accidental Bear

Man to Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence to Boy



Man to Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence to Boy M.T.S.P.I.T.B.

December 19, 2010

Pic of Day

by Accidental Bear

Ginger Green Beard

December 19, 2010

NYTimes: How Green Is Your Artificial Christmas Tree? You Might Be Surprised

by Accidental Bear

From The New York Times:

How Green Is Your Artificial Christmas Tree? You Might Be Surprised

Thinking they are helping the environment, Americans continue to buy millions of fake Christmas trees. But a new study makes a surprisingly strong case in favor of natural trees.

While there is no crystal clear answer to the age-old “real versus fake” Christmas tree debate, most environmentalists, “tree huggers” among them, would agree that real trees are the better choice, at least from a personal and public health standpoint.

Some might make a case for fake trees, because they are re-used every year and thus don’t generate the waste of their real counterparts. But fake trees are made with polyvinyl chloride (or PVC, otherwise known as vinyl), one of the most environmentally offensive forms of non-renewable, petroleum-derived plastic.

Fake Christmas Trees and Cancer
Furthermore, several known carcinogens, including dioxin, ethylene dichloride and vinyl chloride, are generated during the production of PVC, polluting neighborhoods located near factory sites. Most of those factory sites are actually in China, where 85 percent of the fake trees sold in North America originate. Labor standards there don’t adequately protect workers from the dangerous chemicals they are handling.

Read more:

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.


December 19, 2010

Gay Epidemic: Loneliness

by Accidental Bear


What’s with all this loneliness anyhow? I mean, I get it, Where ever you go there you are. But it doesn’t mean there you are all by yourself. Almost on a daily basis I hear from one my gay friends that he is lonely, undersexed and lost. Shit, we live in San Francisco , the land of the plenty , the frickin’ gay Mecca! How is this possible? Is lonely a state of mind? I often hear, ” I like to be alone and spend time by myself.” I totally get it, but there’s a point where, I believe you are trying to convince yourself of this as a defense of a much deeper issue.

Loneliness itself is never alone. It is usually coupled with depression or anxiety. Just this past year I lost three friends to suicide. And, welcome to the future , I was informed of all via Facebook. All of these gay men were extremely handsome, professional, coupled with loving partners and what I could tell not socially inept. Were they “alone” ? So, needless to say it worries me when I hear this constant confession of feeling lonely by friends, what ever appearance they may be  giving off.

I went on a road trip last year with a good friend to get out of town and spent some quality time catching up. Admittely , I dont call him much because I figured, seeing that he knew everyone in town, is drop goregous, with job, sweet , smart ( you get it) that was he was always busy. To my surprise, he tells me, ” I never leave the house, haven’t been on a date in over a year. I think I need to go on anti-deprssants.” he confesses. Me: “WHAT!?!?. Why dont you call!?!? Him, ” Well, you’re marrried and busy with school.” Arg!

So the perception you may have of someone, I hate to say it ,but you’re probably 95% wrong! We see the shell , a mask, a face to please the people. But What is happening on a much deeper level. I for one, 95% of the time where my happy go lucky mask. And when Im told by someone how they “see me”, happy, cool, calm, collected and centered ( ohh that one always gets me) , I think to myself, ” Damn, I want to be that guy they see!”

What to do? I have handfuls of amazing friends  that can’t find a date, lonely and bored.  Do I post pics of them here with there personal info? ( HA! You wish). I suggest limiting time spent on the interweb. Don’t delete all your accounts in a rampage ( I have friends in a moment frustration say, ” FUCK! I’m deleting my Manhunt account! And my Grindr , Adam4adam, Facebook, Myspace Daddy Hunt, Bear411, Big Muscle Bear etc) I say limit yourself to one or two and spend minimal time. Join a Gay Hiking group, a Bear Movie group ( FUN! And no one will judge you for eating a large popcorn with milk duds dumped on top). Let your geek shine through if thats what you are and join a gay Science group! No matter of corky you think you are , they guy next to you at coffee shop is probably corkier. Let you green thumb shine, I know plenty of hunky gardener/ landscapers, join a garden group. Put down you iphone, ipad, let down your gaurd, open up the wall you’ve built around yourself and let someone in. I promise you’ll be thankful OR I’ll give you your money back 🙂

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