NYTimes: How Green Is Your Artificial Christmas Tree? You Might Be Surprised

by Accidental Bear

From The New York Times:

How Green Is Your Artificial Christmas Tree? You Might Be Surprised

Thinking they are helping the environment, Americans continue to buy millions of fake Christmas trees. But a new study makes a surprisingly strong case in favor of natural trees.


While there is no crystal clear answer to the age-old “real versus fake” Christmas tree debate, most environmentalists, “tree huggers” among them, would agree that real trees are the better choice, at least from a personal and public health standpoint.

Some might make a case for fake trees, because they are re-used every year and thus don’t generate the waste of their real counterparts. But fake trees are made with polyvinyl chloride (or PVC, otherwise known as vinyl), one of the most environmentally offensive forms of non-renewable, petroleum-derived plastic.

Fake Christmas Trees and Cancer
Furthermore, several known carcinogens, including dioxin, ethylene dichloride and vinyl chloride, are generated during the production of PVC, polluting neighborhoods located near factory sites. Most of those factory sites are actually in China, where 85 percent of the fake trees sold in North America originate. Labor standards there don’t adequately protect workers from the dangerous chemicals they are handling.

Read more:  http://environment.about.com/od/greenchristmas/a/christmas_trees.htm

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.


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