I am a Palm Springs Virgin

by Accidental Bear

Hot, sleazy, old rich guys, campy, Liberace, tacky, clothing optional, gay friendly,  and AWESOME, These are words I commonly hear people associate with Palm Springs. Somehow, in all my time here on the west coast, Palm Springs has escaped me. I’ve actually never been  to a desert ( I’m more of an island guy). For X-mas my better half and I are embarking on a Bill and Teds Big Adventure type road trip south with our final destination, 5 glorious days in (drum roll please and Vanna White hands) Palm Springs.

Joshua Tree is on the top of my list. I’ve googled searched the plant life of Joshua Trees for years, fulfilling my green thumb desires and can’t wait to wrap my eyes around a  Mohave Yucca ,Beavertail Cactus or a Prickly Pear Cactus ( Bucket list, check, check, check)

A friend Advised us take a tram up Mt San Jacinto where we can enlighten our senses with the best mountain view in SoCal, meadows, pine forests, granite formations, RAD!


Mt San Jacinto

As a gay, I guess I’m suppose to talk about Palm Springs night life. Although I warn you during my travels, my days a jammed packed and its common that I grab a bite to eat and crash by 9pm. After a quick internet search I have come up with club names like, Barracks, Blame It On Midnight, DiGS and The Tool Shed ( yes, you read it right Tool Shed). So, gay Palm Springs Night life, don’t be mad  if we never meet up for a night time adult fruity cocktail.

I will be on the sear for the “real” Palm Springs and give a full follow up review. I tend to be picture happy on trips ( breaking up the natural flow of life with the shutter of my lenses) Im so excited to pop my Palm Springs cherry.

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