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December 22, 2010

Barney Frank: Gays Don’t Get Ourselves Dry Cleaned

by Accidental Bear

Barney Frank, you are the Smartest Homosexual that I don’t Know!

Fyi, Barney your lisp is CUTE

Click pic to see video

Barney Frank: Gays Don’t Get Ourselves Dry Cleaned- Watch more Politics Videos at Vodpod.
December 22, 2010


by Accidental Bear

December 22, 2010

Pic of Day

by Accidental Bear

Solstice Kiss

December 22, 2010

Hot Queer Tour Alert: MEN Tour to Start February 1st

by Accidental Bear

Progression of BRILLANCE :

Kathleen Hanna—->Julie Ruin—> Bikini Kill —-> Le Tigre —-> MEN

“MEN shows have always reached a fever pitch, treating each show as an art project, sometimes asking local artists to paint a backdrop while they perform, or by using DIY cardboard-and-tippex props, including cut-out fists and banners printed with slogans like “SILENCE=DEATH” and “WHO AM I TO FEEL SO FREE”. ”

December 22, 2010

Being ” Different” Makes a Difference

by Accidental Bear

With our communities “It Gets Better” campaign in full effect, I have also been softened to the feelings of our queer youths. I have often been called “different” and have often responded in a F*** You manner in an auto self defense mechanism. But in my ripe old age I wear “different” as a badge of honor. I mean, who wants to be regular? Who remembers regular people after they’re 6 feet under?

If our world was a homogenized vanilla water downed mess, I would be quite bored. Through technology our universe has become much smaller. We brush elbows with our gay brothers and sisters in India or South Africa just as easily if they were across the street. This making diversity at an all time high and unfortunately some could argue, tolerance at an all time low (my must we go backwards, isn’t it common knowledge that it’s harder to swim up stream?)

The most wonderfully influential people of recorded history have always stood out as corky, bizare, “other than”, with cause, fighting for a something , yet to be worthy by the majority (such as civil rights). Who remembers those “vanilla” artist that have no unique traits, but molded but talent agencies ( one hit wonders). From my childhood I remember Cyndi Laupers checkered board hair, Elvis‘ swaying hips, Willie Nelsons stringy beard, Elton Johns unimaginable looks, Sid Viscous and Johnny Rotten ( my heros from 1986-1990), Boy George (expanding my mind of gender) and Vincent Vangough guiding me with the strength of paint brush. You cannot create ” different”, it just is. Plus being “different” can be financially rewarding, just saying. Who’s got bank?

different |ˈdif(ə)rənt|adjective1 not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality: you can play this game in different ways. | ( different from/than) the car is different from anything else on the market.• informal novel and unusual : try something deliciously different.

2 distinct; separate : on two different occasions.

To those pictured below, you made it known to me that different was A-O-KAY! Celebrate diversity!

I didn’t mean this to be a public service announcement but,

It REALLY Does Get Better!

( if this bitter queen believes, so can you! )

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