Sui GENERIS SF CA: Turn it Up a Notch this NYE

by Accidental Bear

In Miguel , I trust!!

I stopped in to Sui GENERIS on Upper Market Street today and played dress up with Miguel Lopez( owner). Within 5 minutes Miguel had me in a dashing blazer  that fit well and was perfect for my hair and skin coloring. Being a ginger I tend to always be a tad pink. Miguel knew just how to deal with it. He transferred me from street rat to dapper in o time. In Miguel, I trust.

Miguels tips for looking sharp on New Years Eve :

Here Now: Dinner Jackets

Traditionally the dinner jacket has been the mainstay of black tie attire, setting the tone for an almost always formal event. Almost inseparably matched with tuxedo trousers, a formal white shirt, black cummerbund and bow tie, the dinner jacket’s role in men’s formal wear has newly evolved and grown to encompass a less rigidly defined set of circumstances for wear.

Wearing a dinner jacket to an event that doesn’t necessarily require one provides the wearer some fashion freedom, lifting them from the rules and regulations that normally accompany such a garment. Since the dinner jacket establishes a certain level of poise the wearer is now able dress in matching or complimentary colors. It’s important to note that a dinner jacket doesn’t always have to be black. Vary the color and material to match the current season and climate. Here are some of our favorites in store now.

Expand your notion of the dinner jacket. A staple that will always anchor black tie attire has now expanded its repertoire. Next time you’re searching for what to wear to an upcoming cocktail or dinner party, turn to a Sui GENERIS dinner jacket.

Read More :

2265 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 437-2265


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