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December 31, 2010

The Trustworthiness of Beards

by Accidental Bear

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December 31, 2010


by Accidental Bear

At one point in our lives we all played the game, What would I dress like if I were a girl? Preppy? Jock? Tranny? I come to you with exciting news. I finally have decided if I were a girl I would dress like a runway model for COSTELLO TAGLIAPIETRA. When living in Hawaii I was continuously on the look out for airy, flowing, loose, nuetral colored mens bottoms ( No, I’m not talking power bottoms you perv) so the boys downstairs (my balls)could breath. After viewing  COSTELLO TAGLIAPIETRA 2011 spring collection, it fulfills my breezy ball breathing dream BUT in women’s wear. They’ve managed, in their designs to make me wonder, ” Where are the seams?” and ” How do they imagine to get elaborate structure out of such delicate fabric choices? “These two designer Bear hotties have again created a spectacular collection and my girl power-alter ego will be wearing this line in my mind.

Looking at these two you might think they would smell like lumber-jacks or wood chips, but instead they reek of talent.These unlikely  looking bearded men are quite in touch with their feminine side and the result on the runway makes this ever-clear!

So, I ask, ” Who Are COSTELLO TAGLIAPIETRA anyhow?

Robert Tagliapietra and Jeffrey Costello were destined to meet and become the dynamic designing duo Costello Tagliapietra. Growing up in working class families, Robert in Westchester, New York and Jeffrey in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, both had grandmothers who worked as seamstresses at Norman Norell, yet they had never met.
In the 80’s, Jeffery began designing clothes in collaboration with local New York bands, which led to a lot of video work, movies, and personal wardrobes for stars like Madonna, Debi Mazar, and Dépêche Mode. In 1994, Robert and Jeffery met and it was clearly kismet. Their first collaboration was working for Madonna’s bedtime stories video and instantly the two realized that together, they could take the fashion world by storm. They were partners, a divine designing duo that still today claims the most important and influential person in their lives is each other.
In 2005, Robert and Jeffery officially founded their company Costello Tagliapietra. They were first recognized by the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation and were awarded for an ensuing fall collection. Both being self taught, and with no direct connection to people in the industry, they blindly sent out their 12 look collection in a look book to hundreds of magazines. Within two weeks, they received a call from Irini Arakas from Vogue who wrote a story about them in March. By June, they were a company.

More gratuitous photos of these two cuties :

December 31, 2010

Steve Taylor Tonight NYE Show

by Accidental Bear


“I’ve got a couple of great shows to tell you about, the first is a New Years Eve show at one of my favorite spots, Jupiter, a great brewery/restaurant in Berkeley. This is with Innerspace, my progressive rock/drum&bass duo with drummer Daniel Yasmin. If you haven’t seen us, we play every Wednesday at The Layover in downtown Oakland, which has been a funky creative oasis for us. What we do is improvise music, creating mini psych-rock operettas, taking the audience on a journey to abstract ecstatic realms of the mind. It’s like seeing and hearing an album unfold throughout the night. Highly recommended if you like Radiohead, Stereolab, Can, or Squarepusher
9- till 1AM Free
Here’s a sample of what we do

For those of you in the mood for a Steve Taylor-singing-songs type of night, I’m playing at The Revolution Cafe, the European style pub extraordinaire, on Sun, Jan 2nd with my new friend Suzanne Valle, and Sarah Bouchard from NYC. I’m really psyched about this lineup as well. Suzanne and I just recorded a song together!
I’ll be headlining this one at about 10. Free ” Steve taylor

New Years Eve at Jupiter
Fri Dec 31st
9 to 1AM
2181 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704

Sunday Jan 2nd
8:30 (ST at 10)
The Revolution Cafe
3248 22nd St
(between Mission St & Bartlett St)
San Francisco, CA 94110

December 31, 2010

GAY TRASH: Get a Whiff of Mateus Verdelho

by Accidental Bear

Bear loving, twink craving, fatty chasers….you CANNOT deny the true beauty ( outside at least) of Mateus!

The Hottest Brazilian Of 2010 Is Mateus Verdelho

I promised myself not to make a blog that was full of typical gay arm pit sniffing photos, pretty people and the ordinary. Well, this guy is NOTHING ordinary and I’m making an exception for Mateus. I keep stumbling over his pics on Tumblr blogs. If it came down to it I may pay good money to have some “private time” with him. Does that make me a dirty ole man? I think not, just a generous one 😉 I would pay to have hair transplanted on chest and belly, then he would be the perfect creature.

All pictures of Mateus Verdelho by Cristiano Madureira.

December 31, 2010


by Accidental Bear

About Jared:

It’s a special moment when a person’s art makes you step back and say, “Whoa, what the fuck happened to this dude when he was a kid?” Jared Buckhiester’s illustrations and photographs tell the story of that kid. But the tale he weaves isn’t one of pain and suffering, and he doesn’t wallow in clichés, despite growing up gay in a suffocating Southern Baptist community near the North Georgia Mountains. At 27 years old, it appears that he’s already fully digested the reality of his identity–not surprising, since he’s labeled himself queer since age 5.

Buckhiester relocated to New York in 1995 to study at Pratt Insitute and much of his early professional work was in photography. His photos have been on display at Rare Gallery and Steuben East Gallery (both in Brooklyn, NY) and published in Nylon Magazine,Mass Appeal, and Intervista. His subjects range from beady-eyed suburban misfits and lonely houses in the middle of nowhere to over-the-top prom disasters (think a sequined gown with train patterned after the American flag) and Deep South shitkickers at tailgate parties. The documentary style of his photos suggests an emotional distance from his subjects, but one look at his drawings and you feel as if you’ve accidentally walked in on something that you shouldn’t have seen.

In his black-and-white sketches, Buckhiester reveals moments of his past with a sense of humor and playful eroticism, spinning a possibly damaged childhood into a world of dark humor that, in his own words, revolves around the subject matters of “family, adolescence, church, faggots, queers, and Satan.” Whether he is intentionally exorcising demons or just poking fun at the antics of pre-pubescent queers, the intimacy and vulnerability of his drawings hints at a maturity that only a veteran of adversity could know. (

Interview at:
December 31, 2010

NYE: You Don’t Have to…

by Accidental Bear


Happy New Years!


You don’t have to be a drunk idiot and sloppy in public

You don’t have to leave your house at all

You don’t have to drink and drive

You don’t have to have sex with someone, that you’ll regret New Years Day

You don’t have to spend loads f money (on crack)

You don’t have to make New Years Resolutions

You don’t have to loose your house keys in a drunken stupor

You don’t have to do crystal meth  with a stranger in a bathroom stall

You don’t have to have to a cheese burger with bacon and blue cheese at 24 hr diner

You don’t have to get in bar fight with asshole who grabs your ass and thinks it’s ok because your at gay bar

You don’t have to make goofy NYE toast

You don’t have to watch fire works with 10,000 annoying people


December 31, 2010

Pic of Day

by Accidental Bear

December 31, 2010

Things I Want, Please and Thank You

by Accidental Bear

I am freshly home from a Jack Kerouac , pie eating , coffee drinking, truck stopping (no foot tapping) road trip down to southern California. So much time to gaze out window ( Cannot believe how many people pick their nose and drive), reflect on the past and day dream of the future. Is it wrong to want to retire at 40 ? The freeways were sprinkled by multiple colors of cars , but strangely enough red, white and blue cars dominated. What caught my attention was a futuristic-looking trailer that was hitched on to the back of a mud covered truck. This might be my future ( or maybe the only home I’ll be able to afford with our Social Security system crumbling to dust). The open road, sun tanned leather skin, a comb over, a few good teeth and a DREAM.

Sundance Teardrop Trailer

The Sundance Teardrop Trailer takes you back a simpler time, when craftsmanship was king. Inspired by the design styles of the 1940s, the Teardrop Trailer is offered through Robert Redford’s Sundance catalog. A über-cool fusion of retro and modern style, the Teardrop Trailer’s interior is crafted of top-quality maple, while the exterior is outfitted in polished anodized aluminum. Every inch of space is utilized, and features are a plenty – this easy-to-tow trailer comes with a full-size mattress, a two-burner foldaway stove, Sunbrella awning, Formica counter, LED lighting and ventilation system, and a stainless steel sink. Base price of $24,000. Sundance.

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