NYE: You Don’t Have to…

by Accidental Bear


Happy New Years!


You don’t have to be a drunk idiot and sloppy in public

You don’t have to leave your house at all

You don’t have to drink and drive

You don’t have to have sex with someone, that you’ll regret New Years Day

You don’t have to spend loads f money (on crack)

You don’t have to make New Years Resolutions

You don’t have to loose your house keys in a drunken stupor

You don’t have to do crystal meth  with a stranger in a bathroom stall

You don’t have to have to a cheese burger with bacon and blue cheese at 24 hr diner

You don’t have to get in bar fight with asshole who grabs your ass and thinks it’s ok because your at gay bar

You don’t have to make goofy NYE toast

You don’t have to watch fire works with 10,000 annoying people


2 Comments to “NYE: You Don’t Have to…”

  1. Yeah OK but I did. I totally did five of those things. And it was fun. And I liked it.

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