Things I Want, Please and Thank You

by Accidental Bear

I am freshly home from a Jack Kerouac , pie eating , coffee drinking, truck stopping (no foot tapping) road trip down to southern California. So much time to gaze out window ( Cannot believe how many people pick their nose and drive), reflect on the past and day dream of the future. Is it wrong to want to retire at 40 ? The freeways were sprinkled by multiple colors of cars , but strangely enough red, white and blue cars dominated. What caught my attention was a futuristic-looking trailer that was hitched on to the back of a mud covered truck. This might be my future ( or maybe the only home I’ll be able to afford with our Social Security system crumbling to dust). The open road, sun tanned leather skin, a comb over, a few good teeth and a DREAM.

Sundance Teardrop Trailer

The Sundance Teardrop Trailer takes you back a simpler time, when craftsmanship was king. Inspired by the design styles of the 1940s, the Teardrop Trailer is offered through Robert Redford’s Sundance catalog. A über-cool fusion of retro and modern style, the Teardrop Trailer’s interior is crafted of top-quality maple, while the exterior is outfitted in polished anodized aluminum. Every inch of space is utilized, and features are a plenty – this easy-to-tow trailer comes with a full-size mattress, a two-burner foldaway stove, Sunbrella awning, Formica counter, LED lighting and ventilation system, and a stainless steel sink. Base price of $24,000. Sundance.

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