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December 27, 2010

Drive, Hike and Gawk with Me: Joshua Tree

by Accidental Bear

Up until today Joshua Tree National Park at 74485 National Park Drive
Twentynine Palms, CA has escaped me. U2’s album Joshua Tree was a a staple record to pass the long days of summer back in high school ( ahem, just a few years ago). But that was all I knew of Joshua Tree at the time. Later, as my green thumb grew, I became interested in cacti and desert plants which brought to my attention the truly unique conditions the desert of J.T. Secondly I’ve heard moans of the insane, deadly temperatures during the summer months. I friend who moved to Palm Springs a year ago would text me high temperatures that soared to 117 in the evening. This intrigued me , I wanted to experience this heat torture.

I’ve google searched seasonal plants species and indigenous creatures of the desert, a semi Joshua Tree online stalker. So, a dream came true this morning. As I jumped out of bed, in my oh so gay hotel, I felt like  I had an extra pep in my step, ” Lets go lets go lets GO.” I eagerly prodded my bf to drink up his coffee and down his banana because its JOSUA TREE TIME!

J.T. was all and more than I expected. I WAS unaware of the set up of park though and had to compete with a few to many tourist on the road and interrupting several photos moments. But all is well that ends well. I give J.T. 2 thumbs up! Another event marked off my bucket list.

December 27, 2010

Be Back Soon……

by Accidental Bear

December 23, 2010

“X-mas Morning” Porn Makeover Series #12

by Accidental Bear

“X-mas Morning”

by Mike Enders


December 23, 2010

I heart Testosterone

by Accidental Bear

Warped Tour 2010 Episode 9- FYS – The Outtakes

Four Year Strong


December 23, 2010

How Do You Deal With Racist Relatives Over The Holidays?

by Accidental Bear
Report by Monkeypuzzle

I know some of you out there have Glen Beck loving families. I’m sorry, it’s not your fault!

“It is not my responsibility to change them or educate them.”
Pardon me, but bullshit.  If not you, then who? Read on…
December 23, 2010

Sui GENERIS SF CA: Turn it Up a Notch this NYE

by Accidental Bear

In Miguel , I trust!!

I stopped in to Sui GENERIS on Upper Market Street today and played dress up with Miguel Lopez( owner). Within 5 minutes Miguel had me in a dashing blazer  that fit well and was perfect for my hair and skin coloring. Being a ginger I tend to always be a tad pink. Miguel knew just how to deal with it. He transferred me from street rat to dapper in o time. In Miguel, I trust.

Miguels tips for looking sharp on New Years Eve :

Here Now: Dinner Jackets

Traditionally the dinner jacket has been the mainstay of black tie attire, setting the tone for an almost always formal event. Almost inseparably matched with tuxedo trousers, a formal white shirt, black cummerbund and bow tie, the dinner jacket’s role in men’s formal wear has newly evolved and grown to encompass a less rigidly defined set of circumstances for wear.

Wearing a dinner jacket to an event that doesn’t necessarily require one provides the wearer some fashion freedom, lifting them from the rules and regulations that normally accompany such a garment. Since the dinner jacket establishes a certain level of poise the wearer is now able dress in matching or complimentary colors. It’s important to note that a dinner jacket doesn’t always have to be black. Vary the color and material to match the current season and climate. Here are some of our favorites in store now.

Expand your notion of the dinner jacket. A staple that will always anchor black tie attire has now expanded its repertoire. Next time you’re searching for what to wear to an upcoming cocktail or dinner party, turn to a Sui GENERIS dinner jacket.

Read More :

2265 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 437-2265


December 23, 2010


by Accidental Bear

Welcome to CLUB BUTT, the digital community for international homosexuals. CLUB BUTT is a fabulous extension of BUTT’s popular website section called BUTTHEADS, and provides an enormous platform of sexy guys’ profiles. Feel free to message your favourite new friends, to have exhilarating conversations, arrange dates, sexual liaisons, picnics, pool parties, and more!


Dear BUTT friend,
Before xmas and before the new year kicks in, we’d like to share some exciting news with you…

CLUB BUTT, the successful ‘social network’ of the BUTT website, has some new fabulous features:

1. You’ll be able to upload more than one profile picture (max 3, in fact)
2. You are kindly invited to describe yourself in 15 words in order to make your profile even more inviting
3. There’ll be a handy new BUTT BUDDY function that keeps you connected and in tune with favorite CLUB BUTT friends
4. There’ll be an information stream available for those who are logged into CLUB BUTT and want to know what’s happening on the site real time.

Our friends at AMERICAN APPAREL celebrate the holiday season with the generous offer to buy two BUTT T-shirts for the price of one. Indeed, that’s one for you and one for your BUTT BUDDY. (It works like this: put two shirts into the shopping cart at American Apparel and enter ‘BUTTHEAD10’ at the checkout, and one of the two shirts will be free. In actual real American Apparel stores, just take two BUTT T’s to the counter and you’ll only pay one. Easy does it.)

Thanks everybody for the picture submissions for the BUTT CALENDAR 2011. The first page will be available very soon online. (Indeed, the calendar goes up per week – who plans further ahead these days anyway?)

Hairy christmas & merry 2011, kisses!
BUTT; Adam, Felix, Gert, Jop, Michael

December 23, 2010

All Eyes on: Derek Schmidt (musician)

by Accidental Bear

I skipped my way to Martunis on Dec 19th to lock eyes on singer song writer Jeb Havens who was performing with two others Derek Schmidt and Tawnee Kendall I have praised the ground Jeb walks on, but was unaware of the talent firestorm that was to be unleashed on me. When Derek hit the spotlight my judging book by its cover instinct said, ” What a cutie. I want to rub his beard!” Then back in the real world Derek warmed up the crowd with a warm sense of humor and an inviting shyness that pulled me in even more.

Derek belted out a song that reminded me of a year I spent in New Orleans. I envisioned him playing on the front steps of a shot gun house in the French Quarter, no audience , just playing for the love of playing. We fortunately had front row seats in Martunis cozy back piano room.

Derek is a member of several different bands. Im not surprised to find out that his talents are in high demand. He does a lot of the song writing for the indie acoustic band   All Pretty Ones . Derek claims ,” I like playing solo because it really pushes me to really hone my songwriting and my performance a lot, but I love to play in bands and collaborate and see how my songs change with every different person.” Derek is also part of  Adonisaurus which I’ve caught wind of them performing  in the past = FUN!!!!

On stage Derek played effortlessly several instruments. “I play piano (&keyboards), guitar, and ukulele, mainly. I butcher a harmonica sometimes, I like to whistle, and a little dulcimer, just so I could learn some Joni Mitchell songs.” When asked if , “Have you always been open about being gay in your songs?” Derek expressed, ” I think I’ve never really had a song that was explicitly about being gay, but it’s informed all of my songwriting. I’ve never really hidden it, I guess, but I’m more drawn toward writing songs that don’t always have the same speaker so it could go a lot of ways. Maybe that’s more queer, to be more aware of performance and personas, and I think I approach a lot of my songwriting that way.”


Up coming show to watch out for :

All My Pretty Ones on Feb. 6th at Viracocha in the Mission. Derek will also  be playing once a month at Martuni’s with Jeb and Tawnee.


December 23, 2010

Pic of Day

by Accidental Bear

Xmas Thingys

December 23, 2010

Essentials for Holiday Road Trippin’

by Accidental Bear

Some of the “best” movie memories I have are road trip movies : Vacation, Easy Rider, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, Thelma and Louise and Smokey and the Bandit. I am embarking on a southern road trip tomorrow morning , San Francisco —> Santa Barbara —-> Los Angeles —> Palm Springs and I am coming up of a list of things NOT to do, miss or forget.

We now have Jetson like devices iphones and GPS systems so it should be impossible to get lost, right? Road trips excite me, tap into my still teenager encased soul wrapped in my fuzzy exterior. The open road, the unknown. Of course in this 38 year old body I have more restraints than my teenager at heart- care free -throw caution into the window soul.

Road tripping over the Holidays adds another layer of pre-caution. Do you run into the truck stop on highway whatever to take an emergency number 2 without covering up and securing presents piled up in back seat from lurking eyes? Desperate times, desperate measures, BE WARNED. You hear stories about junkies crashing a car window for a cigarette butt they see in car ash tray ( I made that up). Thankfully I will not be contending with snow storms so I can remove car tires chains, sleeping bag like coats, leg warmers ( just kidding..maybe) off the ” to bring list”.

Be safe, be as smart as you can, be wary of hitchhikers and only pick up if they are drop dead gorgeous and you are horny ( just kidding… maybe). Don’t fight with the driver , avoid fast foods that will loosen your stools ( for real), put down all you electronic vices and stare out the window, soak it all in and have fun because soon you’ll be back in morning traffic on a conference call heading to work.


Here are six tips for feeling safe and sane on the road:

1. Don’t advertise your travels. Avoid leaving road maps in plain sight inside your parked car; instead, try to look like a local, even if your license plate isn’t. If your vehicle is laden with luggage, and especially if you have gear stowed on the roof, park where you can see it from a restaurant or store. At night, take everything that is in plain view with you into your motel room.

2. Look like you know where you’re going. When sightseeing, avoid standing on street corners wearing a befuddled expression while staring at a guidebook or map. Get a few bearings before you venture out of the car.

3. Get an upstairs room. At roadside motels, consider getting a room on the second floor so you can scan the parking lot before heading down to your car. (Personally, I prefer first-floor rooms, so I don’t have to lug my gear up the stairs.)

4. Consider the refund policy. If you stop at an inexpensive mom and pop motel, and there is a sign at the check-in counter that says, “No Refunds for Early Check-Out,” consider moving on. I speak from experience when I say that is likely that the establishment has some unsavory condition that you won’t detect until you’re covered with bug bites or awakened in the night by noises too loud to ignore. At the very least, ask to see the room before you pay.

5. Use the truck stopsTravel and truck centers are some of the safest places to stop and rest. They have 24-hour security and professional drivers who are used to staying aware and protective of their vehicles. The only drawback is that they aren’t very quiet. You’ll have to get used to the “big-rig lullaby,” because most drivers leave their engines running even when parked for the night.

6. Chat up the locals. Get local information whenever you can. Coffee shops, hair salons and taverns are all good places to chat casually with residents. Also pick up a local paper or watch the local television news. Being aware of local current events will not only help you have more fun, it can also keep you safe. Participate in the Great American RoadTrip Forum before you leave town to gain a local’s perspective about the places you will be driving through.

Road trips are meant to be adventurous and fun. Channel the energy you’re spending on that worst-case scenario into some sensible precautions, and you will have a safe, sane and enjoyable trip.


Photo by Jeff Booth

December 22, 2010

Barney Frank: Gays Don’t Get Ourselves Dry Cleaned

by Accidental Bear

Barney Frank, you are the Smartest Homosexual that I don’t Know!

Fyi, Barney your lisp is CUTE

Click pic to see video

Barney Frank: Gays Don’t Get Ourselves Dry Cleaned- Watch more Politics Videos at Vodpod.
December 22, 2010


by Accidental Bear

December 22, 2010

Pic of Day

by Accidental Bear

Solstice Kiss

December 22, 2010

Hot Queer Tour Alert: MEN Tour to Start February 1st

by Accidental Bear

Progression of BRILLANCE :

Kathleen Hanna—->Julie Ruin—> Bikini Kill —-> Le Tigre —-> MEN

“MEN shows have always reached a fever pitch, treating each show as an art project, sometimes asking local artists to paint a backdrop while they perform, or by using DIY cardboard-and-tippex props, including cut-out fists and banners printed with slogans like “SILENCE=DEATH” and “WHO AM I TO FEEL SO FREE”. ”

December 22, 2010

Being ” Different” Makes a Difference

by Accidental Bear

With our communities “It Gets Better” campaign in full effect, I have also been softened to the feelings of our queer youths. I have often been called “different” and have often responded in a F*** You manner in an auto self defense mechanism. But in my ripe old age I wear “different” as a badge of honor. I mean, who wants to be regular? Who remembers regular people after they’re 6 feet under?

If our world was a homogenized vanilla water downed mess, I would be quite bored. Through technology our universe has become much smaller. We brush elbows with our gay brothers and sisters in India or South Africa just as easily if they were across the street. This making diversity at an all time high and unfortunately some could argue, tolerance at an all time low (my must we go backwards, isn’t it common knowledge that it’s harder to swim up stream?)

The most wonderfully influential people of recorded history have always stood out as corky, bizare, “other than”, with cause, fighting for a something , yet to be worthy by the majority (such as civil rights). Who remembers those “vanilla” artist that have no unique traits, but molded but talent agencies ( one hit wonders). From my childhood I remember Cyndi Laupers checkered board hair, Elvis‘ swaying hips, Willie Nelsons stringy beard, Elton Johns unimaginable looks, Sid Viscous and Johnny Rotten ( my heros from 1986-1990), Boy George (expanding my mind of gender) and Vincent Vangough guiding me with the strength of paint brush. You cannot create ” different”, it just is. Plus being “different” can be financially rewarding, just saying. Who’s got bank?

different |ˈdif(ə)rənt|adjective1 not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality: you can play this game in different ways. | ( different from/than) the car is different from anything else on the market.• informal novel and unusual : try something deliciously different.

2 distinct; separate : on two different occasions.

To those pictured below, you made it known to me that different was A-O-KAY! Celebrate diversity!

I didn’t mean this to be a public service announcement but,

It REALLY Does Get Better!

( if this bitter queen believes, so can you! )