Diamond Rings is Neither Gay or Straight. What do you Label That?

by Accidental Bear

At first I thought we were talking about diamond rings, then I realized we are talking about Diamond Rings.

“When he’s onstage performing as Diamond Rings, the one-man synth-pop project he started two years ago, John O’Regan wears biker jackets, leggings, lipstick and basketball shoes. The Canadian singer draws on a rich tradition of androgynous musicians, and while his look recalls David BowieBoy George and maybe even Grace Jones, he often comes across in interviews more like Morrissey, skirting questions about sexuality.

If Morrissey’s coyness on the subject reflects his private nature — surprising, perhaps, given his songwriting — and desire to preserve a degree of mystery, O’Regan can relate. At the same time, he says his refusal to self-identify as gay or straight is more the product of uncertainty and not feeling like he has to pick a side.”

Read more:

– www.spinner.com/2010/12/29/diamond-rings-sexuality/

More About Diamond Rings on AOL Music

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