Eyes On: Ivan Monforte

by Accidental Bear

An artists that’s more than meets the eye. Like a 7 layer chocolate cake, the more you dig the more you find. Listen, learn and BE INSPIRED. I still cannot figure out what art is or for that matter , why the sky is blue.


“My art uses simple gestures and materials, as well as emotional language and content as strategic tools to address themes of loss and mourning, representations of class, gender, race and sexuality and the pursuit of love.  These gestures typically involve highly emotional and participatory interactions between an individual, an audience, and me. They often result in social sculptures, performance-based videos, and text-based objects.

The economy of the work is rooted in my artistic investment in dialogue and inclusion.  I am interested in the complex intellectual and emotional dialogue that can occur between a viewer and the artwork – in particular, the conversation that takes place afterwards, when the viewer is left to process the interaction. Ideally, inspiring people to re-examine and respect/accept universal truths grounded in emotions. ”  Ivan Monforte


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