To Bare or Not Bare All: Nudity

by Accidental Bear
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What is with gays constantly in need to be nude. Gay beaches, gay resorts, clothing optional this, clothing optional that. Theres more to it than the feeling of  freedom that comes from letting your dong flop around in public. Is it the sexual energy that arises from it?  It is an exhibitionists wet dream to go public with full on frontal, ” Hi, may I have a Carmel grande frappacino. How do you like my PUBES haircut? “. I mean, I grew up in a hippy dipppy family and frquented watering holes n the summer with wangers flopping around, breasts swaying from side to side and over grown vagina bushes. It was no big deal. But as an adult I find myself just as comfortable wearing swim trunks while hanging out at beach or boogie borading. If you have ever gotten board rash on your junk you’d understand the need for a fabric barrier between yourself and  the sratchy surface of board.

Is it a political statement or empowerment, like, My body and I’ll do what ever I want with it? I GET IT!  Take off your bra a be free. Say, sitting in a group of 6 gay guys on a blanket in the park clothed is one thing, then gat naked and the energy changes. I have to say I believes the gay community is OVER sexualized ( I know this is not a popular view to most gays, thinking that it’s impossible to over sexualize anything). Coming from just a human stand point, not straight or gay, having an over sexualized atmosphere can distract a person from the big picture of there own life and lead them down a lonely, unfulfilled life (I know thats far fetched , but deal).

I dont know the number of times I’ve been somewhere clothing optional and TOTALLY fine with being non nude, with shorts on but have to fight off friends yacking , ” Don’t be prude! Relax, where all naked!” etc etc. So, I say worry about your own donger hanging out and you wont be seeing mine. Im okay, your okay, but don’t fight to have me naked just to make YOUELF feel comfortable. Visiting Harbin Hot Springs last year, under the PEER pressure of the environment my partner and I walked around free balling, wangers flopping all weekend, meeting a greeting strangers and their in your face and proud peckers, observing  old regretable tattoos on 60 year womens inner thighs. But we were not naked FOR US,   but for the other guests.

I have heard through the media and ant-gay groups about homosexuals being sexual deviants. I am totally NOT agreeing but have you picked up a gay news paper lately. From cover to cover, half naked , sexually provocative ads, photo spreads, hooker, escort ads, porn web site sponsors, underwear night at all our local bars, wet jock strap contests, naked yoga classes, skin skin skni etc.

To bare or not to Bare.

8 Comments to “To Bare or Not Bare All: Nudity”

  1. It all depends on the nude person’s age. Sorry,… but most of us over age 40 should stay clothed. Most 20 something people are gorgeous naked. Just sayin…..

    • Actually When I lived on Maui, HI for years at my favorite nude beach, which just happened to be at best beach on island, the majority of naked people were 40 and over. And I noticed some HOT naked silver daddies. I think its a state of mind and Perception.

  2. What an interesting post. Over here in Europe a lot people, gay and straight, go nude at the beach and at home all the time and don’t think twice about it. I guess hesitation about it is an American thing. It’s not something we understand. For a nation that uses sexual imagery to sell pretty much everything, that spends billions of dollars on surgery to stay for ever young, and which has beauty pageants for 6 year-olds, being ashamed of your genitals seems strange. My patents always taught me that no part of the human body is intrinsically dirty, sinful or wicked – with the exception of the beholder’s eye. And that what you can’t see is sexy, not what you can.
    Good blog.


    • I love these responses. I totally live and see americans being uptight around nudity and and sexuality. I really meant this to be a funny twist on being OK with leaving your clothes on. I was blessed in the genital area ( 🙂 ) and comfortable with nudity, but leave shorts on at the beach, without any thought. Here in SF we have naked people walking around, no big deal. Its OK to Not be nude in public. It doesn’t imply you have any dysfunction or hang up.

  3. I completely agree with you! It’s crazy how over-sexualized the community is. I’m having flashes of fear for pride next week because I know I’m going to end up seeing an unsolicited and unnecessary dong or two.

  4. Being “underdressed” anywhere is either rude, ignorance, or perhaps a protest. Being NAKED in a venue that will shock others is a just plane rude just as it is rude to question clothed people why they wear clothes in clothing optional venues. I have been to Harbin several times and only wear clothes if it’s too cold to be naked. So I have never felt that pressure to undress. Those who wear suits to me are OK and as You say live and let live but being naked does not SEXUALIZE any situation. It’ merely a human form sans clothing. .

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