Accidental Bear Blog is Expanding!

by Accidental Bear

It has been brought to our attention the FUN we could have if we had a Advice Column. We aim to please ( wink wink) Questions will be answered in a honest, respectful,  TOUGH LOVE type format with, like anything on Accidental Bear a healthy does of humor. Question and Answers will be transfered from here  and a few other sources to blog site.

So ask away. If you wish to remain anonymous you may send questions to :

Enter Accidental Advice in subject.

Happy Asking!

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2 Comments to “Accidental Bear Blog is Expanding!”

  1. dear octopus man

    i am a tranny on a budget.

    should i use my savings for the boobies or for a killer wardrobe so i can pass? times are rough, so i dont wanna be, too!

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