The Sad Death of Gun Control ( Squishy Face)

by Accidental Bear

I go back and forth on how I feel  gun ownership should happen. It’s way more easy for a moron to purchase a hand gun than to finish High School. Thats F***ed up! My own personal fear with owning a gun would be that it would be WAY to easy to use.

An obviously deranged man killed six people with a legally purchased and legally carried pistol on Saturday, and the only thing we’re arguing about is whether he was listening to Sarah Palin.
The debate over what caused Jared Lee Loughner to do what he did is a waste of time. He was obviously suffering from paranoid schizophrenia or a similarly destabilizing emotional disorder; parsing out the particular determinants of his apparent belief that grammar is mind control will not solve any puzzles. The thing about genuine craziness is that it rejects parsing, invents its own reasons, and resists explanation. Accusing Sarah Palin and assorted other teabaggers of somehow inspiring or abetting this action is like accusing Scooby Doo of inspiring Sam Berkowitz’s affection for his neighbor’s talking dog. The workings of a properly delusional mind are unfathomable.
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[Image, top, via Photo of Loughner via his MySpace page]

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