by Accidental Bear

Swarms of birds world wide mysteriously dying, Australias worst flooding in history, US South East Snow storms and Mysterious, Green Space Blobs. Cue Alfred Hitchcock music.

The News Breakdown

Hubble Telescope Sheds Light On Mysterious, Green Space Blob

A Hubble telescope image of Hanny's Voorwerp.

Back in 2007, as part of a crowd-sourced study program called Galaxy Zoo, a Dutch school teacher discovered a very odd celestial object: It looked like a great, green blob floating in space and at the time it was inexplicable. MORE

Many in Brisbane Told to Evacuate as River Swells

People in the Brisbane, Australia suburb of West End watch rising waters on Tuesday.

New York Times By MERAIAH FOLEY  Published: January 11, 2011

SYDNEY, Australia — Brisbane, Australia’s third-largest city, braced for its worst flooding in 35 years early Wednesday, as flash floods from devastating rains that have been sweeping vast areas of the country’s northeast for weeks raced toward it. Officials urged many of Brisbane’s two million residents to flee to higher ground.

At least 20 lives have been lost, including those of five children killed… MORE

South Snarled by Second Snowstorm in Weeks

ATLANTA —As four inches of powdery snow coated the city, aides to Georgia’s new governor debated until the last minute whether to cancel Monday’s black-tie inauguration ball and ask the Motown cover band to pack up their instruments. MORE


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