All Eyes On: Andrej Dúbravský ( artist)

by Accidental Bear

Wow, just wow. I find myself falling in and out of childhood bed time stories mixed with breath taking nightmares with a dash of kink. How is a young 20 something Czech boy capable of displaying such thoughtful maturity simultaneously adding rabbit ears. It makes me want to dig a little further and get closer to this guy ( mentally and physically).

Andrej Dúbravský is a Czechoslovakian born, Slovakia based artist, remarkably accomplished for such a young age of 23, and still only halfway through his formal art education. His evolving painting style and themes, and emerging sculptural forms, are variously witty, serious, hearbreakingly personal or just plain weird, with ambiguous themes that are usually deceptive, though occasionally exactly what they appear to be. Status and power? Porn and prostitution? Sugar daddies and twinks? S & M? Yes, but no, not exactly. You’ll have to put yourself in the shoes of the bunnies.
Portraits of Andrej photographed for EVB by Michal Hustaty


You’ll have to put yourself in the shoes of the bunnies

Read Interview with Andrej Dúbravský CLICK


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