California’s Gold Huell Howser You Inspire Me To Be More Like Dora The Explorer

by Accidental Bear
Huell's image on a milk bottle

Image via Wikipedia

To catch my attention you don’t  have to have a hit record ( or a wonderfully bombed one either) , have a beard or have a leaked sex tape. By accident a few time a month I find myself plopped on the couch after work on Saturdays watching Huell Burnley Howser ((born October 18, 1945) is an American television personality best known for California’s Gold, his travel show for the now former Los Angeles PBS affiliate, KCET.) scanning   California and touring places I’VE NEVER HEARD OF, which quickly gets jotted down on my road trip DREAM list.

He’s funny, goofy, has BIG BICEPS ( I’m not saying gun show any longer in response to Arizona shootings) and fullfill may daddy/ coach fetish. So, my hats off to you Huell. Keep doing what you love and I’ll see you on Saturday.

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