Stink Eyes On: Psychic Sylvia Browne , True Evil

by Accidental Bear

I first layed eyes on “PsychicSylvia Browne on the Montel William show many years. I am always intrigued by these  self proclaimed psychics. What else to call them since there is no logical test to give them to fin out their “true abilities”. So, I will settle on self- proclaimed. As I watched words come out her mouth on the Montel show my skin began to burn from the unbelievable BS she was spewing from her wrinkly old lips. The theme of show was missing children and Sylvia was brought in to meet families and tell them what she saw in her magical crystal ball that she keeps in her head. This is when I saw PURE EVIL. She out of her ass tells this mourning , crying family that their missing 9 yr old boy is dead and floating in the bottom of a well. At first I thought OMG, she’s going to lead them all to the body, CASE CLOSED. But no, thats all she “makes up” and has no other fictional information to tell them. If she’s going to make shit up, make upsomthing soothing or spiritualy helpful for these suffereing families of missing children. Say something like, ” Billy, is no longer with us here on earth, but at peace and not in any pain.. blah blah” But don’t tell them their son is dead in a well!!

She should be held accountable for the EXTRA trauma she brings to these faimilies in need of comforts and she should be tried. If it were up to me I say she should be humiliated in public on a daily basis for the rest of her life and 24 hrs a day have a speaker near her spewing all sorts of hurtful lies. Um ,thats all.

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