Bruno and Solomon 2 GAY Kitties Will Marry

by Accidental Bear


January 14, 2011, 11:39AM MT
By Dorothy Scanlan, Best Friends Network volunteer
Public invited to attend January 20 celebration to recognize Bruno and Solomon’s ceremony

Sometimes, a relationship is so very special that it must be recognized in some way. Such is the case with Bruno and Solomon, two resident cats at Ollie’s Place in New York City.

Ollie’s Place, in the heart of Manhattan, was founded in 2004. According to its literature, Ollie’s Place was a first in its type of rescue and adoption. The cat adoption center allows people to interact with the cats in a cage-free environment enabling the cats to be more socialized and potential adopters to establish a relationship. In any given month, Ollie’s Place is home to twenty to 25 cats. Most of the cats are rescued ferals, also known as community cats, but some have been surrendered by their people. The need to rescue homeless cats is always great, so they are searching for a larger space so they can accommodate more.

Bruno and Solomon (pictured) are two of the center’s long-term residents. They moved into the same little apartment at Ollie’s Place several years ago after a rough period of homelessness. They originally met on Coney Island.

“Bruno, a shy and timid gray and white tabby, bonded with Solomon, a ginger and white alpha male who has acted as Bruno’s protector and confident,” writes volunteer Kat Herskovits. “Solomon would have been adopted years ago as his outgoing and affectionate ways charm everyone he meets. But Solomon and Bruno’s mutual caring and affection has made it difficult, if not impossible, for them to be separated.”

Herskovits, who works for an Internet marketing company, volunteers every Wednesday evening at Ollie’s Place.

Volunteers play with and socialize the cats. Her favorite stories are those where she has witnessed cats “develop and blossom.” Her reward is the “person who sees them for who they are and for what they were meant to be.”

“Bruno and Solomon showed up at about the same time,” Herskovits said. “Bruno was shy, quiet, and afraid. Solomon was outgoing, and he started protecting Bruno. They instantly bonded in a way that was unusual. It is a beautiful thing to see.”

“Everyone was worried that Solomon would be adopted first,” Herskovits continued. And everyone knew that these two cats must be placed together.

That’s when the staff and volunteers of Ollie’s Place decided to make Bruno & Solomon’s relationship permanent. So, on January 20, 2011, Bruno and Solomon “will be joined forever in a feline marriage ceremony.” The ceremony will be private. However, this happy event is meant to be shared.


3 Responses to “Bruno and Solomon 2 GAY Kitties Will Marry”

  1. Actually, the date has been postponed to January 27th.!/olliesplacecats


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