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January 21, 2011

Elton John lashes out at gay marriage opponents

by Accidental Bear



Don’t let the sun go down on you ( snap fingers in circle), for you take that golden brick road home and count your bling!

VIA– Entertainment – GMANews.TV – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Has fatherhood changed Sir Elton John‘s feelings about marriage for same-sex couples?

The 63-year-old singer made several blunt comments on the topic Wednesday night while performing at a private fundraiser for the ongoing legal challenge to California’s gay marriage ban.

“It seems so ridiculous I could be with my partner for 17 years and we have a son, and my partner and I can’t get married,” John said during the 90-minute set at a sprawling Beverly Hills estate in which he banged out “Your Song,” “Sixty Years On,” “Levon” and other hits he wrote before he came out as gay.

Elton John lashes out at gay marriage opponents – Entertainment – GMANews.TV – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News.

January 21, 2011

1—> 365 in 5:23 : Beardocumentary

by Accidental Bear

365 days of my own beard and I’d be chewing on mustache. I’d prefer to be chewing on Rickys. Awesome dedication to beard documentation. Can you handle it?


Ricky Coates’ epic adventure of growing a beard for an entire year.

January 21, 2011

Just Because I’m Gay: Otto Titsling (video)

by Accidental Bear

January 21, 2011

Pic of Day: Bunny 4 Dinner?

by Accidental Bear

January 21, 2011

Ask Accidental : Tranny on a Budget.

by Accidental Bear


dear octopus man ( Accidental)

i am a tranny on a budget.

should i use my savings for the boobies or for a killer wardrobe so i can pass? times are rough, so i dont wanna be, too!


Dear Tranny on a Budget,

Think of the big picture and most importantly your health. I would suggest breaking your piggy bank open and buy yourself some sassy frocks for some instant gratification. Save your pennies for when the time is right and then you will have the best set of boobies this side of the Mississippi. There is nothing worse than a botched boob job, that are irreversible most times. For now dazzle everyone with your sparkling personality and be thrifty at Thrift Town for your wardrobe.

January 21, 2011

Queers have BIGGER Peckers. Really?

by Accidental Bear

Hmmmm, interesting. It’s hard for me to tell, I haven’t had sex with that many straight men! Saying you’re straight for the sake of making you more desirabe doesn’t count. I can BUST ONE MYTH though. From my current profession its often I see the whole full monty. The idea that big hands and feet mean larger down south is NOT true! Me being the king of Peckers , many moons ago a friend of mine who was preggers asked me if she had a boy whether I thought she should have him circumcised or not.  She thought me, being a  HOMOSEXUAL ( Scream like it’s Pee Wees word of the day) had seen more penises than anyone else she knew. She was right , but I won’t tell you what I told her.

Are Gay Men Better Endowed?

By Editors


Gay men are better endowed than straight men, radio and TV journalist Faith Sallie told Gayle King on Friday’s installment of The Gayle King Show.

It’s one of many ways people can tell gay men from straight men, Salie says. The journalist appeared on the show to talk about gaydar, citing David France‘s 2007 article for New York magazine titled “The Science of Gaydar.”

Salie says research is turning up an increasing number of ways in which gay people are different from straight people. Finger length, hair patterns and finger prints are among the other ways in which gay people and straight people differ.

According to Salie, the differences between gay men and lesbians are also significant.

Listen here.

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