Hey Princess Boy, Read This(videos)

by Accidental Bear

I think drag queens from now on should be called Princess Boys. I like the ring and we can march ahead in the 21st century! Slowly but surely humans openness to gender bender issues is evolving. Highlighted in multiple TV series and films are gender forward characters. Just last night on, What Would You Do a scenario was created where a father and so were out shopping at a random Toy Store. The boy demanded for his prepubescent body that he wanted a barbie doll, ” But she has pretty real hair.” he says. His dad and other actors pushes “male” type toys onto him in an over the top manner to rise a reaction out of other costumers in store. About 95% of the women jumped in and stood up for the young barbie loving boy, whereas most of the men sided with the dad or ignored the scene. The peak of the experiment was when a woman said nothing at all, but hand the dad a piece of paper that read, ” Williams Doll “.

In the media this year has been numerous news worthy stories where boys wanting to dress in dresses made the talk show rounds.


About the book , Princess Boy:
My Princess BoyTM is a nonfiction picture book about acceptance. It tells the tale of a 4-year-old boy who happily expresses his authentic self by enjoying “traditional girl” things like jewelry, sparkles or anything pink. It is designed to start and continue a dialogue about unconditional friendship and teaches children — and adults — how to accept and support children for who they are and how they wish to look.

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