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January 23, 2011

Pic of Day: Evidence of Accidental Bear Imposed by Bearness

by Accidental Bear

More proof that I am a “bear” by accident, hence  the name Accidental Bear. My boyfriends grandma got me this for X-mas. Proof!

January 23, 2011

The Beards of Comedy Tour: Tonight at Purple Onion SF CA

by Accidental Bear



The BEARDS OF COMEDY Tour is quickly becoming one of the hottest shows in the U.S, with four of the funniest, freshest (and yes, bearded) faces in comedy. Not your typical ‘southern’ comedians, the “Beards” deliver an original brand of humor that’s deeply rooted in stand-up, and lightly blended with avant-garde elements of music, sketch, and improv. The Beards are comprised of; Andy Sandford (voted “Best Atlanta Comedian” by, Joe Zimmerman (nominated by Rooftop Comedy for the Golden Shingle Award – given to the most outstanding rising star in comedy), TJ Young (Stand-out Stand Up winner at the 2008 Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival), and Dave Stone (worked multiple times with Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn).

Contrary to popular assumption, The Beards of Comedy Tour is not a comedy tour focused on facial hair humor. The name is more a parody of a “hook,” or label. It means nothing in itself to have a beard, but four coincidentally bearded comedians offering their own refreshing twist on the traditional stand up comedy show; that’s something worth labeling. It’s labeled The Beards of Comedy Tour, and their work has not gone unnoticed, selling out shows in numerous southeastern markets. In July of 2009, The Beards recorded their debut album, “Comedy for People” for Rooftop Comedy Records. Individually, the Beards have worked with…Aziz Ansari, Todd Barry, Doug Benson, Jim Breuer, Greg Giraldo, Andy Kindler, Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Marc Maron, Greg Proops, and many more. One thing is for certain: The Beards of Comedy Tour is a fiercely follicled foursome of hilarity to be reckoned with…with laughter, not violence.


January 23, 2011

In Search of Gay Surfers

by Accidental Bear

HA! First let me say LOL. When I started  my research via the inter-web for gay surfers I was bombarded with Gay Surfer Porn ( Gays pretending to be surfers doing porn) Im on the lookout for actual real live SURFERS who happen to be amongst many other things GAY.


In Search of Gay Surfers

Writer Dennis Hensley explores why gay women who surf abound — they even have their own reality show — and yet finding blokes who are out, proud, and surf isn’t easy.

By Dennis Hensley

Though no openly gay male surfers compete on the professional tour, several out lesbians do, including former world champion Lynne Boyer. Gay gals who surf are also the focus of the Logo reality show Curl Girls. All of which makes one wonder, Is there such a thing as a “curl guy,” and if so, where is he? “I know they’re in the water,” says L.A.-based Curl Girls star Michelle Fleury. “I look for them, but I haven’t spotted or spoken with anyone admitting to being gay.”

Maybe they’re in San Francisco, a gay mecca where the surfing scene has exploded over the last decade. “If there was going to be a place where there would be openly gay surfers, this would be it,” says Matt Warshaw, the San Francisco–based author of The Encyclopedia of Surfing, “but you just don’t see it.” Warshaw is straight, but he’s been writing about demographic trends in surfing for years and the ongoing invisibility of gay men confounds him. “I’m baffled as to whether it’s a sport that has happily or unhappily closeted surfers,” he admits, “or if it’s so staunchly hetero that it’s like a force-field to keep gays out.”

If the latter is true, it’s for good reason. Despite its easygoing, enlightened vibe, surfing has a long history of homophobia. When a 1988 magazine article implied that Aussie surf star Cheyne Horan was gay, he lost endorsement deals and friends. A decade later, former top-5 pro Robbins Thompson left the sport in disgust after his sexuality became known and he started hearing taunts in the water and having the word “fag” painted on his car. In 1996, teen surfer Shane Dorian listed “dykes and fags” along with “diseases, the Devil, and flat spells” as things he’d like to rid the world of in Surfer magazine. And just last year, when a statue of a surfer went up in Cardiff near San Diego, surfers criticized it for not looking butch enough and dubbed it “Fairy Mary.” So what’s the deal?

“The gay guys I know who surf tend to try and keep their sexuality and their surfing separate,” says Leslie Smith, a part-time surf enthusiast who works for a nonprofit organization in Manhattan. “They’re not closeted, but they’re not going to necessarily wear freedom rings on the beach.” Smith adds that he has encountered homophobia on the beach, but like most surf-related altercations, it was all about turf. “I pulled up to this little cove in Hawaii a couple years ago,” he recalls, “and a couple of a guys came over like, ‘What are you doing here? Locals only.’ They started calling me gay and making effeminate gestures and it became clear that I was going to leave or I was going to get beaten.”

January 23, 2011

Surfer seriously injured at Mavericks surfing spot

by Accidental Bear



By: Bay City News 01/22/11 2:44 PM
A surfer was seriously injured Sunday morning at the spot where the Jay at Maverick’s surf contest is held. (AP file photo)

A surfer was seriously injured at the Mavericks surfing spot in Half Moon Bay this morning, a Coastside Fire Protection District battalion chief said.

Firefighters responded shortly before 10 a.m. to a report of a man who was injured at the famous surfing spot, located about a half-mile from Pillar Point Harbor, Battalion Chief Ari Delay said.

The surfer, who is about 30 years old, apparently wiped out on a wave and was found face down in the water by someone who was nearby and took him to shore, Delay said.

The man was not breathing and was unresponsive, but Good Samaritans helped turn him on his side to drain water from his airway. Shortly afterward, emergency responders arrived and performed CPR to revive him, Delay said.

The man was taken by medical helicopter to Stanford where he was reportedly in serious condition this afternoon, Delay said.

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner


January 23, 2011

Polar Plunge. Ball Shriveling Time for a Good Cause

by Accidental Bear

We’re Freezin’ for a Reason! 

Hundreds of brave souls with warm hearts will take the plunge in the chilly waters of the San Francisco Bay at Crissy Field to raise much needed funds for Special Olympics Northern California!

The Polar Plunge is NOT a swim! It’s a party! Dress up in a crazy costume, dip your big toe or your whole body and then off to the post plunge party!

Plungers can create their own Plunge Web Page so that friends, family and co-workers can visit and donate right online.

Okay so if plunging is not your thing, you can still participate! Join our “Chicken Coop” Team and raise funds for Special Olympics. On plunge day you’ll sit in Chicken Coop with the other chickens! Sure you might be the subject of ridicule by all of the braver souls who took the plunge, but hey it’s all for a good cause! And what’s a little ribbing between friends – you’re dry – right? Our chickens receive the same incentive prizes as our plungers because we believe that Chickens are people too!

You can register as an individual, a team captain, or join an existing team.

REWARDS! (You didn’t think we’d ask you to do this without a little something from us do you?)

Raise $100 or more – receive the official hooded Polar Plunge Sweatshirt and free admission to the post plunge party where you can share bragging rights over all the people who couldn’t bear it!

Raise $500 or more – receive the above plus a Polar Plunge Beach Towel

Raise $1000 or more – receive the above plus a cooler

Raise $2500 or more – receive the above plus a Polar Plunge jacket

2010 Winners to Beat
Top Individual Fundraiser – Christy Dodge – $10,400
Top Law Enforcement Team – Danville PD Divers – $18,095
Top Community Team – High on Quack – $9,755
Top Company Team – Chilly Peppers (The Produce Exchange Co) – $5,026
Best Team Theme Costume – The ForZIN
Funniest Costume – Mark Thompson

Costumes are encouraged and crazy fun can be expected! Awards will be given to wackiest costumes, top fundraisers and much, much more.

January 23, 2011

Minnesota bar owner set for ‘bear roast’

by Accidental Bear
American Black Bear

Image via Wikipedia

Say it Ain’t so!

Bears are friends , NOT FOOD!


Story Created: Jan 23, 2011 at 6:34 AM CST

Story Updated: Jan 23, 2011 at 6:34 AM CST

(WFRV)– A sports bar owner in Minnesota is showing his support for the Packers against the Bears in a very literal way, he’s decided to roast a bear. 

The co-owner of Tiffany Sports Lounge in St. Paul says he plans to cook a 180-pound black bear over hickory and charcoal today.

He says his cousin shot it in Northern Wisconsin during bear hunting season and froze it.

The plan was to serve the meat to local customers, but the State Health Department rejected the plan because the meat is unprocessed.

Instead, customers can take photos with the roasting bear. 

After the game, the meat will go to his cousin’s party in Somerset, Wisconsin.

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