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January 26, 2011

I Will Find the Next Youtube Star Dammit

by Accidental Bear

I will find the NEXT JUSTIN BIEBER! ( I puked in my mouth a little. No, thats rude, I puked in my mouth a lot). It’s obvious that it doesn’t take talent to become a superstar, so I will search as close to Star Search protocol as possible to find the next ” it”. Todays find—-> so, what if his voice is s0-so. Love his beard, love his effort, love his wife beater, love his tattoo . All that together must add up to a hit record or movie, right? None the less watch this cutie given you his best.

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January 26, 2011

Itty Bitty Banana Muffy (via Much a Munch)

by Accidental Bear

All I can say is I want at least a dozen Itty Bitty Banana Muffies in me ASAP. MMMMM mmmm

Itty Bitty Banana Muffy Happy Australia Day!  Have a fantastic day today and enjoy.  It's going to be a scorcher so drink plenty of water and make sure to slip, slop, slap if you're going out! Hehehe! I'd also like to announce that I'm going to be part of the "Post a Week 2011" challenge.  I'd really like 2011 to be an inspirational year for me, therefore I've decided to blog more, once a week if not, twice a week! If you have already been reading my blog in the past or … Read More

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January 26, 2011

Architect Converts Subway into Apartment

by Accidental Bear
We all have spent enough time jammed onto a smelly subway train, in a semi-conscience state of, ” GET ME THE HELL HOME, ITS BEEN LONGEST WORKDAY IN HISTORY.” when all of the sudden the train comes to an abrupt stop and driver anounces, ” We’ll be moving any minute.” Claustrophobia takes over and you start to think how you may smash a window out or, oh go, oh god, What if I have to take an emergency #2 while stuck on train? That is hell in a hand bag subway train scenario. But what if you drift off into a daydream and imagine how you would could decorate your home with bits and pieces of these trains. It sounds almost like some kind of  new age therapy like, LOSE YOUR  FEAR OF TRAINS BY TURNING YOUR APARTMENT INTO ONE. You can take these candid moments stuck on train to brainstorm on a light fixture you can make, made from the very parts that surround you.
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Matt Hickman

There’s no place like … the 7 train

A Manhattan apartment up for sale incorporates items salvaged from the New York City subway. Not included? Rodents, panhandlers and bewildered tourists.

I can think of plenty of places in New York City that I wouldn’t mind spending a chunk of my time when not hunkered down in my Brooklyn apartmentIndoor pop-up parks,pop-up stores in bus terminals, non-pop-up outdoor parks like Governors Island and theHigh LineMartha Stewart’s office, and various public places that haven’t been infested by bedbugs. The one place I’d rather not be in my spare time: Underground amongst the rats, lunatics, pan handlers, pickpockets, mole people, frightened tourists, marauding mariachi bands, and my fellow straphangers riding New York’s terribly managed (but surprisingly green) subway system.
I guess this isn’t the case with Adam Kushner, an architect who incorporated a lil’ bit of the NYC Subway into thehome that he shares with his wife and twin children. To start, some of the walls in Kushner’s unusual penthouse in Manhattan’s West Village are lined with recycled subway tiles. And then there’s this: the entrance to the duplex and all of  its closet doors are salvaged subway car doors.
Sure, while I do admire Kushner’s use of recycled materials to make a statement — there’s also a floor made from old deli cutting boards — and absolutely love the looks of the kitchen (the space-agey bedroom and the meditation pool/jacuzzi/shower near the entrance … not so much), I personally wouldn’t want to be reminded of the MTA every time I set foot in my own home.
Don’t share my sentiment? Well, it could be all yours. Sotheby’s is listing Kushner’s “sexy, unconventional, truly one-of-a-kind” two-bedroom home at 79 Barrow Street for $1.995 million. Included with the apartment are top-of-the-line appliances, bike storage, and a master bathroom with a see-through floor. Just think, to help pay off the mortgage you could make all of your guests, including your mother and the cleaning lady who commutes in from Queens, fork over $2.50 to step into your apartment. Or, you could invite a bunch of people over and not show up on time. The possibilities are endless …
Read the entire listing and see more photos of the high-concept apartment over atSotheby’s. New York Social Diary also has an insightful Q&A (and even more photos) with Kushner from back in 2007.
January 26, 2011

Gratuitous: Guy with Beard + Cat Video

by Accidental Bear

gratuitous |grəˈt(y)oōitəs|adjective1 uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted : gratuitous violence.2 given or done free of charge : solicitors provide a form of gratuitous legal advice.

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January 26, 2011

Sir Elton Covered for YOUR Protection

by Accidental Bear

I told myself I wasn’t going to use works like fuck, cunt and so on on my blog. But some time I cannot resist. The owners of this store putting these “family shield” covers over Elton and hubby while they hold their brand new off the shelf baby are ASSHOLES. And while I’m at it Fuck You Arkansas ! That really sums it up. No debate needed. I mean, Elton wasn’t even wearing anything offensively gay or hideous ( this time) .

Can Elton John‘s Baby Hurt You?

By Editors

Us Weekly x390 (pick-up) I

Update: The shields have been taken down at the store, according to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which spoke to Harps corporate executive assistant Marty Yarborough. She told GLAAD that the shields were placed over the covers because some of the customers complained. Brittany, a worker at the store, confirmed that the shields were taken down this morning.

A Harps grocery store in Arkansas censored an Us Weekly cover featuring new dads Elton John and David Furnish with their son, Zachary.

A Harps shopper named Jennifer posted a photo of the move to censor the cover at the Mountain Home, Ark., store on Twitter. It shows the issue of Us Weekly with a “family shield” to “protect young Harps shoppers” from seeing the image on the cover, typically reserved for sexual or violent images on magazines like Maxim or Playboy.

The manager at the store said there was no comment, and a call to Harps’ headquarters in Springfield, Ark., has not been returned.

Harps, founded in 1930, has 64 stores in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

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January 26, 2011

Pic of Day: McSkull

by Accidental Bear

January 26, 2011

Tweet of Day

by Accidental Bear
Gawker Gawker 

American Apparel: It’s Not Porn If It’s a Drawing
January 26, 2011

Eyes On: Waste (twice)

by Accidental Bear

Waste Not, Want Not

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