Cute Mankind w/ Beard Gets Swarmed by Monkeys

by Accidental Bear

On my bucket list I have the want to travel somewhere , ANYWHERE where there are monkeys roaming free. My life has been sadly deprived up until this point to have only seen poor captured monkeys at the zoo and other areas on display ( that word sounds so weird when talking about animals). So, I was thinking…. why don’t one of you dirty bastards buy me a ticket to , like Costa Rica or something! Did I forget to say please? But seriously, do I have to be a poor kind dying of some god awful disease to appear on Oprah to have a wish granted?


Here’s a Monkey Swarm

Because it’s Saturday, here is a guy getting swarmed by monkeys. We have no further information on the monkey swarm, except that it looks really fun. Maybe this will be the hot new toy this Christmas: A monkey swarm?

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