All Eyes On: Photographer Richard Renaldi

by Accidental Bear

Richard takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary with a swipe of his lens. He has inspired some of my own work with our similar visions of what to capture. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Richard and his boyfriend ( drop dead gorgeous handsome fella who appears with Richard in a series he does of them posed in hotel rooms around the world/ Hotel Room  Portraits) on the beach on Wakiki, HI. Knowing of Richards talent I knew he would have equipment with him to snap anything he caught worthy. So,  I slid into pose after accidental pose on my towel hoping for him to think I was ordinary/ photo worthy. I took the opportunity as well when exiting the ocean and I flung my hair from side to side as if I were Bo Derek in hopes to make an impression on his lens.

Sample of GOODNESS:



Hotel  Room Portraits:


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