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February 1, 2011

Public Service Announcement from Accidental B

by Accidental Bear

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February 1, 2011

Close Encounters of the Bear Kind IBR 2011

by Accidental Bear

Say Wahhhh? Let me wrap my head around this, Close Encounters of the Bear Kind IBR. This is going to needs some explaining. I’m interested, intrigued and incapable of decsribing what this event is. < Hold Please>

Ok, this is what I have for you;

International Bear Rendezvous is an annual gathering of bears and bear-lovers held in San Francisco. It is hosted by the Bears of San Francisco, who conceived of Rendezvous as a weekend of fun and fundraising. The event fosters a sense of community among participants while at the same time raising money for agencies serving gay and HIV communities at local, state, and national levels. Fundraising is accomplished through sales of registration packages ,raffles, auctions, and direct donations from participants and the community. Since the first Rendezvous in 1995, net proceeds have resulted in donations totaling over $500,000 to many non-profit organizations.


IBR selects three beneficiaries each year. This year, IBR has selected: Click here for More Information!

  • Stop Aids Project
  • Project Inform
  • Pangaea Global Aids Foundation
  • Platinum Sponsors


    February 1, 2011

    Mollie Stone’s Coming to the Castro in March

    by Accidental Bear

    Something new, something old, something blue, something… blah blah Fuck it, we still cant get married ( for real , for real), but god dammit we’re getting Mollie Stones. To me it balances out the universe somewhat (somewhat). My only experience with M.S.s was when i was living in Sausalito, CA for a hot minute and Mollies Stones was my treat to myself after a long day.. I actually like it over Whole Foods and thier prepared yummies are to die for. Stoners will have a new destination for their munchies now in the Castro. I can already hear the first complaint though,

    ” Sooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive”, random costumer who likes to yap!

    “Shush, 7-11 is just down the street 2 blocks”, Accidental Bear


    Mollie Stone’s Markets Expands to Ninth Location in San Francisco Bay Area

    (you can count them on 2 hands)

    Locally-Owned Chain Moves Into Delano’s Market in the Castro, With Early March Launch!

    January, 27, 2011 – San Francisco, California – Mollie Stone’s Markets, the Bay Area’s trusted provider of Necessity, Natural and Specialty Foods, is thrilled to announce the March, 2011 opening of its ninth San Francisco Bay Area store at the site of the former Delano’s Market, at 4201 18th St., San Francisco. Labeled the “Best of Both Worlds,” Mollie Stone’s provides essential grocery items along with a wide array of specialty and natural foods.

    “Our Castro market will be our third store in San Francisco, and we are positively delighted to expand in our “City by the Bay,” said David Bennett, Co-Owner. “The Castro Market is in one of the finest and most vibrant neighborhoods in California; we believe it will beautifully blend with our Mollie Stone’s culture. We understand the passion and expectations in the neighborhood, and we will stop at nothing to provide an outstanding shopping experience. We look forward to developing strong, rewarding relationships with each and every customer!”


    February 1, 2011

    Man Claims Parkinson’s Pills Turned Him Into Gay Sex Fiend

    by Accidental Bear

    Ummm, yeah thats it. My medicine for acid reflux turned me into a sex crazed, cross dessing, power bottom Tina-head. Nice try “A straight, married French man” but


    And it sounds like you’ve been eating a lot of WEINERS!

    Man Claims Parkinson’s Pills Turned Him Into Gay Sex Fiend

    via Gawker

    Man Claims Parkinson's Pills Turned Him Into Gay Sex FiendA straight, married French man is suing GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of the Parkinson’s medication Requip, claiming it turned him into a gay sex addict, crossdresser, and compulsive gambler. Anyone have any idea how we can get some Requip?

    Send an email to Brian Moylan, the author of this post, at

    February 1, 2011

    Pic of Day: Ted Haggard’s Skins Family Photo

    by Accidental Bear

    “This awkward photo is from the current issue of GQ Magazine, where Haggard declared himself to be bisexual and confessed to snorting all that crystal meth he’d previously claimed to have purchased to throw away.” JOEMYGOD

    February 1, 2011

    73 million sharks are killed annually for ( ASIAN)fin soup

    by Accidental Bear

    I say capture these fishermen, put painful hooks through their big toes, smear fish guts and blood over their faces, then dangle them up side down into shark infested water and let the sharks snack on their pea brains.


    Shark-Catching Nations Fail To Protect Threatened Species


    NICOLE WINFIELD 01/27/11 03:10 PM   AP

    ROME — Two environmental groups on Thursday accused the 20 countries that catch the most sharks of failing to fulfill promises made to the U.N. to better conserve the animals that are increasingly threatened with extinction.

    In 1999, more than 100 governments adopted a plan of action at the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization to try to stem overfishing of sharks, pledging, among other things, to develop national action plans to ensure that shark catches are sustainable.

    The non-governmental groups Traffic and the Pew Environment Group said Thursday that only 13 of the top 20 shark catching countries had developed national plans, and that it was unclear if such plans had done any good where they were adopted.

    They issued their report ahead of a meeting next week of government members of the FAO’s fisheries committee, which will discuss the state of the world’s fisheries in detail.

    Some 73 million sharks are killed annually, primarily to meet the high demand in Asia for fins which are used in shark fin soup. ( BASTARDS)

    Because sharks are slow growing, late to mature and produce few young, they are unable to replenish their populations as quickly when they are caught. As a result, some 30 percent of all shark species are now threatened or nearly threatened with extinction.

    Traffic and Pew analyzed fisheries data and made a list of the top 20 shark catchers which account for nearly 80 percent of the total shark catch reported globally. In order, the top 10 are Indonesia, India, Spain, Taiwan, Argentina, Mexico, Pakistan, United States, Japan, and Malaysia. Yet according to the two groups, Indonesia has only made a draft national plan and India is developing one. Other countries have adopted them but, because reporting is voluntary, it’s not clear if they’ve been implemented or have done any good.

    The groups urged governments at the FAO meeting next week to have the U.N. agency complete a thorough review to determine what countries have and haven’t done to comply with their pledges to manage their fisheries.

    “The fate of the world’s sharks is in the hands of the top 20 shark catchers, most of whom have failed to demonstrate what, if anything, they are doing to save these imperiled species,” said Glenn Sant, Traffic’s global marine program leader.

    February 1, 2011

    What’s Fuzzy, Sensitive and Vocal? Sebastien Alexandre Grainger (musician)

    by Accidental Bear

    Sebastien is one of those super talents you see underground while running to catch a train, with his guitar laid out with a few coins tossed in the middle. You get a quick glimpse and an earful. Its enough for you to wonder Who is this guy? Whats his story? Wow, he’s got super talent, the “IT” factor. He’s drenched with cuteness and has his toe dipped in many different group projects at well as his solo gigs / Death from Above 1979Sebastien Grainger and The Mountains.

    I kind of want to take him home a give him a sponge bath! Is that bizarre ?

    Sebastien Alexandre Grainger

    Via Wikipedia

    (born 11 April 1979) from MississaugaOntarioCanada is aCanadian singer and musician, best known as drummer and singer of the now defunct dance-punk duo Death from Above 1979 and the singer and guitarist for his current band, Sebastien Grainger and The Mountains.[1] He is part owner of Giant Studios in Toronto with Jimmy Shaw ofMetric.


    SEBASTIEN GRAINGER is a Toronto-based songwriter,
    musician and producer whose whirlwind journey with the
    internationally acclaimed duo Death From Above 1979
    took him around the world multiple times garnering him
    a reputation as a relentless live performer and a songwriter
    with an acute pop sensibility. In 2008, Sebastien
    released his first solo LP, the hook-infused pop-rock FM
    radio smasher, Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains.
    This year he has been involved in several projects including
    production assistance on the upcoming Broken Social Scene
    LP, Forgiveness Rock Record, at Giant Studio, a Toronto
    facility that he co-owns and operates with Metric’s
    Jimmy Shaw. Sebastien is currently working
    on his second solo LP, Yours To Discover.

    February 1, 2011

    London’s National Theatre opens “Angelheaded Hipsters” photos by Gay Beat Alan Ginsberg (via The Gay Highwaymen)

    by Accidental Bear

    London's National Theatre opens "Angelheaded Hipsters" photos by Gay Beat Alan Ginsberg Beat. Beat Up. Beat Down. Beatitude. Beatnik. The mid-century, cold-war-era Beat movement exemplified movement – from degradation to grace and back again. And agai … Read More

    via The Gay Highwaymen

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