Mollie Stone’s Coming to the Castro in March

by Accidental Bear

Something new, something old, something blue, something… blah blah Fuck it, we still cant get married ( for real , for real), but god dammit we’re getting Mollie Stones. To me it balances out the universe somewhat (somewhat). My only experience with M.S.s was when i was living in Sausalito, CA for a hot minute and Mollies Stones was my treat to myself after a long day.. I actually like it over Whole Foods and thier prepared yummies are to die for. Stoners will have a new destination for their munchies now in the Castro. I can already hear the first complaint though,

” Sooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive”, random costumer who likes to yap!

“Shush, 7-11 is just down the street 2 blocks”, Accidental Bear


Mollie Stone’s Markets Expands to Ninth Location in San Francisco Bay Area

(you can count them on 2 hands)

Locally-Owned Chain Moves Into Delano’s Market in the Castro, With Early March Launch!

January, 27, 2011 – San Francisco, California – Mollie Stone’s Markets, the Bay Area’s trusted provider of Necessity, Natural and Specialty Foods, is thrilled to announce the March, 2011 opening of its ninth San Francisco Bay Area store at the site of the former Delano’s Market, at 4201 18th St., San Francisco. Labeled the “Best of Both Worlds,” Mollie Stone’s provides essential grocery items along with a wide array of specialty and natural foods.

“Our Castro market will be our third store in San Francisco, and we are positively delighted to expand in our “City by the Bay,” said David Bennett, Co-Owner. “The Castro Market is in one of the finest and most vibrant neighborhoods in California; we believe it will beautifully blend with our Mollie Stone’s culture. We understand the passion and expectations in the neighborhood, and we will stop at nothing to provide an outstanding shopping experience. We look forward to developing strong, rewarding relationships with each and every customer!”


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