What’s Fuzzy, Sensitive and Vocal? Sebastien Alexandre Grainger (musician)

by Accidental Bear

Sebastien is one of those super talents you see underground while running to catch a train, with his guitar laid out with a few coins tossed in the middle. You get a quick glimpse and an earful. Its enough for you to wonder Who is this guy? Whats his story? Wow, he’s got super talent, the “IT” factor. He’s drenched with cuteness and has his toe dipped in many different group projects at well as his solo gigs / Death from Above 1979Sebastien Grainger and The Mountains.

I kind of want to take him home a give him a sponge bath! Is that bizarre ?

Sebastien Alexandre Grainger

Via Wikipedia

(born 11 April 1979) from MississaugaOntarioCanada is aCanadian singer and musician, best known as drummer and singer of the now defunct dance-punk duo Death from Above 1979 and the singer and guitarist for his current band, Sebastien Grainger and The Mountains.[1] He is part owner of Giant Studios in Toronto with Jimmy Shaw ofMetric.


SEBASTIEN GRAINGER is a Toronto-based songwriter,
musician and producer whose whirlwind journey with the
internationally acclaimed duo Death From Above 1979
took him around the world multiple times garnering him
a reputation as a relentless live performer and a songwriter
with an acute pop sensibility. In 2008, Sebastien
released his first solo LP, the hook-infused pop-rock FM
radio smasher, Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains.
This year he has been involved in several projects including
production assistance on the upcoming Broken Social Scene
LP, Forgiveness Rock Record, at Giant Studio, a Toronto
facility that he co-owns and operates with Metric’s
Jimmy Shaw. Sebastien is currently working
on his second solo LP, Yours To Discover.



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