A Guide: How Not To Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt (via Sarthanapalos)

by Accidental Bear

Great read!

The past few days I have heard so many stupid things from friends, blogs, pundits, correspondents, politicians, experts, writers that I want to pull my hair.  So, I will not beat around the bush, I will be really blunt and give you a handy list to keep you from offending Egyptians, Arabs and the world when you discuss, blog or talk about Egypt.  Honestly, I would think most Progressives would know these things, but let’s get to it. “I am so impre … Read More

via Sarthanapalos

One Comment to “A Guide: How Not To Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt (via Sarthanapalos)”

  1. Love this, especially the author’s point about Al Jazeera: from my brief experiences this is news organization with staff that are serious, thorough and thoughtful.

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