The Ethical Man; CRUELTY-FREE, Vegan Fashions

by Accidental Bear

MANLY. After all, real men don’t hurt animals

Store is now launched!  

The Ethical Man — to our knowledge, the first dedicated men’s boutique to feature 100% cruelty-free items — launched in late November 2010. Also featuring an essential-reading blog for men, The Ethical Man brings style, value, and peace of mind to men around the world.

In 2006, founder Dan Mims graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with Honors in Philosophy (and hundreds of hours of activism under his… (read more)

We find or create excellent men’s fashion and apparel items, vetted from design to production to your night out on the town, without the wrongness of conventional industry practices. We handpick every featured item, and if we wouldn’t wear or use it — whether for aesthetic, quality, or ethical reasons — you won’t find it here. 

We promise that any items you purchase through us are:

CRUELTY-FREE. No animals are harmed or used to make or test the items we feature.
• MANLY. After all, real men don’t hurt animals.
ECO-FRIENDLY. Avoiding animal products is the single-best thing any of us can do to reduce our negative ecological impact.

Visit us at

Men’s Fashion, Grooming Items, and Gifts
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