Targeting Gay Men in Russia; HIV PSAS

by Accidental Bear

The trouble the campaign is facing is within the wording or the implied intent. For example, ” In the first spot, a ‘hockey helmet’ metaphor is used, suggesting it would be wise to use protection. In the second, a man approaches another man on a bed and a security alarm goes off with each approach, until the man on the bed reaches for a condom in his pocket, suggesting that HIV (or the threat of it) is a weapon (”. I say HIV is a weapon and our community still hasn’t grabbed it by the reins and got a hold of it. Inappropriate behavior and disrespect of self prevails. So, I say try any angle you can to metaphorically beat it into the gays that WE STILL NEED TO BE SAFE. DUH!

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Russia Launches HIV Prevention PSAs Aimed at Gay Men

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