Secret Show: Foo Fighters @ The Roxy LA w/ Bob Mould

by Accidental Bear

Ok this calls for a little cussing out loud, HOLY FUCK! Back in the 1990’s I actually saw a surprise Foo Fighters show at the Filmore in SF. Elated , shock-n- awe is what I described that night. Slammed against the slamming crowd against the stage, taking in every last elbow to the ribs as a gift. Last night it went down again at the Roxy in LA but “OUR” very own and dear friend of mine Bob Mould was thrown into the mix.  I cannot even imagine the response from the crowd. Girls screaming pulling out their hair, straight boys switching team as this monstrosity of ROCK GODS tore it up on stage.




Jena Ardell
Foo Fighters at the Roxy

WHAT: Foo Fighters’ Secret Show
WHERE: The Roxy
WHEN: 2/7/2011

“It was supposed to be a secret!” Dave Grohl announced at the start of a not-so-secret Foo Fighters show held at the Roxy last night where opening acts included Scream and Bob Mould.

Thanks to some tips published by an “anonymous” source (ahem) and deductive reasoning, fans arrived as early as 11 a.m. to secure a spot in line outside the Roxy Theatre.
By 5:30 p.m., minutes after The Foo Fighters posted their second scavenger hunt clue, the line of eager fans wrapped past The Whisky and had already exceeded venue capacity. Only 150 lucky fans were allowed inside. Noteable celeb attendees included Nick Hexum and Pnut of 311 and Kat Von D.

This marked the third secret show where The Foo Fighters played their new album in its entirety from start to finish. At this rate, Southern California fans can expect to learn the lyrics before the album drops.

Jena Ardell
Foo Fighters at the Roxy

Fans have bassist Nate Mendel to thank–since performing the entire album at this recent string of club venues was his idea.

During a break in between songs, Grohl asked the audience what they are doing tomorrow. “Another secret show!” a fan yelled. To which, Grohl responded, “Maybe”.
Grohl was talkative in between hits and paused to dedicate “Big Me” to fans and thank them for their 16 years of support. He also flubbed the lyrics to “I’ll Stick Around”, then called the mishap his “Christina Aguilera moment”.

Fans and insiders are busy spreading word of another secret show scheduled for tonight. The Foo Fighters have yet to confirm said show, but the probability of seeing a white limo parked outside another well-known L.A. venue is high–so plan on calling in sick or leaving work early… again.

Jena Ardell
Dave gets wet

Jena Ardell
Foo Fighters at the Roxy

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