Monkeys Give Hope to Lonely Gays. Moment of Awe!

by Accidental Bear
  • If monkeys can make love look so easy , why cant you? You and your honey should keep it simp this Valentines. Sit around naked picking bugs out of each others hair and sporadic rounds of sex in nature is a good start.
  • —————————————————————————
  • Gay Monkeys Elton + David To Spend Romantic Valentine’s Day Together

Elton and David, the same-sex spider monkeys romancing each other since March at the Drayton Manor Theme Park in Staffordshire, England, will be treated to a special Valentine’s Day treat by zookeepers. “They love to spend their time cuddling and kissing one another,” says the park director. “They make a wonderful couple and to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day we plan to give them a special romantic meal.” I hope it’s a Rush Limbaugh-shaped cake!

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2 Comments to “Monkeys Give Hope to Lonely Gays. Moment of Awe!”

  1. Sexy and hilarious Valentines Day sketch. Lots of hot men.

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