Something Egg-a-licious

by Accidental Bear

Why do I post about this Gaga? I claim to loathe her? I post of her spectacle and art NOT her music. I am going to stop riding the train around town and will be arriving by EGG to a cafe near you. The first single on my imaginary first album will be called  ” CRACK that mutha f’n Egg” . You’re welcome!

Lady Gaga Collects Early Grammy

By Editors


Several hours before she was scheduled to hatch at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, Lady Gagacollected the award for Best Female Pop Vocal performance for “Bad Romance.”

Gaga is up for another five awards Sunday night. The singer arrived on the red carpet in an egg to promote her new single, “Born This Way,” which broke records when it was released on Friday.

Check back later for an update on Gaga’s Grammy wins.


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