Menswear Designers Play Dress Up With Real-Life Ken Dolls

by Accidental Bear

One of my friends requirements for a Valentines date is that his date must have a heart beat (he’s not that picky and horny). But, I may have come up with an alternative for him, where he can take heart beat of his list of needs he has for a good man. He just needs a real life size ken doll. He won’t talk back or fart in bed.



Fern Mallis with two Ken models.Photo: Paul Warner/WireImage for Mattel

At the “Celebrating Ken” party thrown by toymaker Mattel on Sunday, some of the guests were having a difficult time distinguishing the doll from the real-life Ken models stationed around Christie’s auction house.

“I’ve been handled more times than I can count,” said one of the models in near desperation.

Each of the Kens, representing signature looks like “Beach Date Ken” and “Picnic Date Ken,” were dressed by designers like Yigal Azrouël, Michael Bastin, and Billy Reid. Reid dressed “Winter Date Ken” in herringbone pants, a double-breasted sports jacket, and wingtips.

Phillipe Blond, half of the designer duo the Blonds and a bit of a part-time Barbie himself, said: “I just like Ken with his shirt off.”

The event was part of Mattel’s more-than-amply-hyped marketing stunt over whether Ken and Barbie should “get back together.” (Spoiler alert: They did.)

“When are we going to see a gay-marriage Ken?” we asked the Mattel spokesperson on Sunday. She replied, cryptically: “The Ken doll can be anything you want it to be.”


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