by Accidental Bear

Just saying the name Wuvable Oaf makes me all warm and fuzzy and I subtly feel a nice secure set of BIG FUZZY FOREARMS wrap around me. Ahhh, I have had my eyeball on Wuvables comics for some time and spot their t-shirt designs around town. Funny thing, the t-shirts I see are usually attached to men that look a lot like Oaf. ( I don’t say this because, and  I have something personal against the saying, but,  WOOF!) I was unaware of all the other awesome they had with their foxy images on them. CHECK THE WUVABE OAF OUT!


Hello from everyone here in Oafsville!

It was cold and damp in Amsterdam…but we had a great time anyway!

I traveled to the Netherlands with Ed, Mark and Matt for the opening of THE WUVABLE OAF SHOW at BOVEN Gallery in Amsterdam!!! The artists’ reception was Saturday, January 15, 2011 and I’m happy to say it was a smashing success! Our hosts Zjef, Tom and the whole crew at Boven were consumate professionals and we miss them already!

The show itself is up until April 10, 2011. On the walls you’ll find paintings, original art pages and limited edition prints from nearly three years worth of Wuvable Oaf comics. Issues of Wuvable Oaf #’s 0, 1 and 2, Gory Details and Reigning Goteblud will also be available for purchase, along with four different Oaf shirt designs and a special Wuvable Oaf Show Poster, commemorating the event!

For those who were not able to attend the opening, have no fear…the poster and prints have been added to our store, so you can still snag a piece of the exhibition, if you want!

Our next big event is Wonder-Con in San Francisco April 1 – 3, 2011. Why not make plans now to stop by and see us then?


About da Oaf

Ed Luce’s first comic book project, Wuvable Oaf is a “fairy” tale chronicling one big, scary lookin’ dude’s search for cute little “mans” in a city that looks suspiciously like San Francisco.

The Oaf has also made appearances in the UK’s Gay Times Magazine, Italy’sPISSZINEInstinct MagazineWhite Crane Journal, Prism Comics 2008 Guideand on the chests of hunky dudes n’ sassy ladies all over the world, in the form of his very own t-shirts.

While currently pouring his energy into the comics world, Ed also leaves a lengthy trail of art debris behind him, including recent published features in Bearflavouredartists’ catalog and LA gay men’s health magazine Corpus. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries, museums, store windows and bathrooms from San Diego to Buffalo to Paris.

For more information regarding our Oaf stuff:


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