Hickory is One Hairy Bitch; Best of Show 2011

by Accidental Bear
Cover of "Best in Show"

Shout out to AWESOME film

Round and round they go, prancing and dancing and the occasional acting out ( my favorite part of show). These dogs go through more primping than Ryan Seacrest. They, in fact borrow his hair products. I always have anxiety for the contestants owners. I want to have a reality show about over weight unhealthy dog trainers. Half the women and men running their prize dogs in lovely circles look as if they may collapse of overexertion. I imagine myself on the side lines offering them gatorade ,  marathon style.


It’s Hickory! Scottish deerhound, who loves to chase wild animals, is crowned best in show at Westminster dog show

source http://www.dailymail.co.uk

It’s been a claw-biting two days at the Westminster Dog Show.

But after endless elimination rounds and countless bottles of hairspray, a deerhound named Hickory has galloped to victory.

The five-year-old female took the ‘best in show’ gong after beating off stiff competition from six others, including a Portuguese Water Dog, the breed that captured the hearts of President Obama and his family last year.

Top dog: Scottish Deerhound, Hickory, impressed Judge PaoloDondina enough for him to crown her best in show


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1357441/Westminster-Dog-Show-2011-Scottish-deerhound-crowned-best-show.html#ixzz1E8LKWxUC

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