Lambert Ready to be Gay Role Model ( to a few)

by Accidental Bear

Adams advice is to close your eyes and be yourself. Thats a great start, but the real challenge is when you open your eyes and  find that, that is when the real work begins. Finding your place in  this world, a safe place to be you. Closing your eyes and getting your footing is awesome, but  your interactions with the world around you will be the path to happiness and self acceptance.

Having Adam as a role model is” off the hook” for some but I think it may also cause some peer pressure and insecurities of its own. It tells young gays ( and the straights) that being gay means you are VERY DIFFERENT, don’t fit into a cookie cutter and that you HAVE to wear outrageous shameful outfits in public that no one but Elton John and Prince should. But what if you are dealing with coming out issues and like to be  preppie or dress from Banana Republic? Are you not as gay as Adam? Is there added pressure to BE WILD, WACKO and CRAY CRAY because thats what “gay is” ? Does this create a split personality to coming out?


Lambert Ready to be Gay Role Model

By Editors


Adam Lambert says his stardom is “an amazing opportunity to be able to help people,” during an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada.

Asked for his advice to people struggling with their identity, the pop stars says, “close your eyes and focus on who you are and what you want.” Later in the interview Lambert says, “You have to love yourself in order to love someone else” and reveals that he is currently dating someone.

Watch an excerpt of the interview below.

3 Comments to “Lambert Ready to be Gay Role Model ( to a few)”

  1. You know, it’s amusing to me that people sometimes forgets that what he wears on stage are basically COSTUMES, and not likely worn on the average day. At any rate, and more importantly, I don’t believe you’re giving young people nearly enough credit for basic sense. I actually loved both Prince and Elton John (let’s not forget Culture Club) growing up, but it never even crossed my mind to wear what they wore. Nope. Not happening. Kids aren’t always going to do everything their particular idol does, you know; I can see some might want to go gothic/glam/whatever, but doubt they’re going to believe that all gay people are one way and one way only. Kids these days are a lot more cynical and thoughtful than they were even 20 years ago.

    And sure, even if they DO try it, what’s the problem? They may find it isn’t for them, get a few knocks, and learn from it. Society’s gotten too fearful of allowing kids to learn how to fail. It isn’t going to kill most kids to go crazy with wardrobe and discover it’s not for them — homophobia kills, not funny-looking clothes.

    And I’m saying this as a gay woman who learned that the ‘butch’ look isn’t really for me: you know, baggy clothes, a du-rag, and a baseball hat over a crew cut that seems to be the ‘norm’ in the Black lesbian community. Of course, I also tend to fly under the radar with consummate skill, mind, but hey. That’s just me.

    OK, I’ll own that I happen to like most of Lambert’s wardrobe, with occasional thoughts of: Dude….. those feathers? Notsomuch, dear, they look like they’re going to bite your face off, and the like.

    Anyway. Nice blog, though, I gotta do more snooping around in it.

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