San Francisco’s “Hottest” Chef, David Bazirgan

by Accidental Bear

He is smoking  hot! Or would that be roasted , rolled in garlic butter and rosemary ( thats my idea of sexy). I wont say anything else but, wouldn’t mind sopping him up with a biscuit!


[Photo: Meigan Canfield]

Eater held its annual sexy chef survey. And the San Francisco winner is… David Bazirgan, chef at Fifth Floor. Eater notes: ” ‘The Baz”‘has done it again. After grappling through heat after heat of gut-wrenching Eater Hottest Chef face offs, our very own David Bazirgan of Fifth Floor has gone ahead and put the Eater Hottest Chef in America contest in the bag.” And, yes, the former Chez Papa chef is indeed very attractive. Well picked, San Francisco. If he has a sparkling personality to match, we see a food show in his future.


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