Stunting tall girls’ growth may impact fertility

by Accidental Bear

Really? Im sorry, but thats totally f’d up. The term stunt when used to discussed humans, reeks of unhealthy. This seems as ethical as a pill that cures the homosexuals!


Estrogen hormones were used to slow the growth of young girls to make it easier for them to find husbands.


Girl heightPhoto: hoyasmeg/Flickr
NEW YORK – Years ago, tall girls often received hormones to stunt their growth — and now as adults they seem to have more difficulty becoming pregnant than women who weren’t treated, a new Dutch study reveals.
The study is the second to show that stunting girls’ growth, which was widely done in Europe, Australia, and the United States starting in the 1950s, may have long-term consequences on their reproductive systems.
The treatment involves high doses of the female hormone estrogen. Purposely stunting the growth of tall girls is less common today, but it’s not unheard of.
The message from the findings needs to reach girls who are considering treatment, because the risk of reduced fertility may outweigh the benefit of reduced height, saidDr. Emile Hendriks, the lead author of the study from theErasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in email to Reuters Health. “It also needs to reach treated women who need to be well informed when they consider their family planning.”



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